NOT being ME

Many a times in life,
when you do not show what’s inside,
it is not known,
when you do not reciprocate,
it is not understood.

It’s hard to understand though,
why is there a resistance to change, we feel,
in form of negligence, embarrassment or even disdain,
to personify our eminent self,
to the people around us.

4 thoughts on “NOT being ME

  1. Lovely writing – it reminds me of a quote that I have been carrying with me since my days at school. Shall share it here-
    “I think we communicate only too well, in our silence, in what is unsaid, and that what takes place is a continual evasion, desperate rearguard attempts to keep ourselves to ourselves. Communication is too alarming. To enter into someone else’s life is too frightening. To disclose to others the poverty within us is too fearsome a possibility.”
    — Harold Pinter
    Hope you understand why your poem resonates with me like a familiar echo!


    • The quote says it all, thanks for sharing!
      So, you have been carrying it since school days, that must have made you more frank, Awesome.


  2. You captured the sense of vulnerability and opposition to expressing your inner most thoughts and feelings and showing your true self. Personally I think its worth doing because its only way to really feel love, otherwise we live in constant fear of being discovered and we are always questioning the person’s love. I really even wonder if you can fully be loved if you can’t put yourself out there. In any case who cares if a few people don’t like you, when you know the people around you truly do.


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