Fiascos of Relationship

Sitting in this place today,
I remember that day, it was Monday,
a desperate urgency filled me in,
moved out of my burrows , and so begins,
the story that was my dream,
the girl who cascaded in my heart, a musical theme.

A shy character was my name,
far off from fame,
never really thought of love as fair game,
the enchantment of violin, as felt many, seemed a false claim,
but things are no more the same,
no more shame, off goes the insecurities I overcame.

The delusional coarse I had in mind,
seemed so upright, that I moved ahead as if blind,
lucky me, the girl understood,
and my relationship moved forth for good,
messaging, chatting, get together seemed a regular affair,
felt life is certainly debonair.

Thinking about it this day today,
remember myself hoping for that moment to stay,
the release of ‘500 days of summer‘ was still due,
otherwise would not have needed any review,
knowing a newer relationship is out-there,
would have moved on with no impending repair.

11 thoughts on “Fiascos of Relationship

    • Did you not see “500 days of summer”?
      I would not call it sad, it was refreshing, realization to move past for good.


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