As I go back slow and steadily,
for I may immerse in those distinctive memories,
for they are endearing, joyous, captivating, in my mind.
A lot appears to riposte as bits and pieces,
By and large, they are vivid expressions
precluding me from digging deep,
for I may lose the grasp, and get lost
repleted with nothing but sadness and unneeded ghost.

Keeping the mind at ease,
riveting myself to what seems to please,
I can see, the faces, the expressions of the known
the saga they perpetuate,
exhilarated, I relive the moment as it seems to pass.
Cannot change it, the already set path
for if I do, the moment looks to wither
afraid to lose, I play along, the replay like a safe song.

As I cruse along, the high and low
appreciating the old, rich, persistently, I flow
embracing it, as if real,
subservient to the thought, I move along.
and when it ends, I come rushing back,
a smile pops up my face, ecstatic
I attend to myself, and say it out loud
‘Great DAY, without Doubt’.

6 thoughts on “REMINISCENCE

  1. Reminiscence – a mental impression recalled from past
    The poem is an attempt at putting the ‘journey of deliberately remembering happy occasions’ to words.


  2. it is kind of meditation I guess.

    it is important to stay focused and remain positive, otherwise, frictions occur and lead to more headaches.

    bless you.
    keep insipring…


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