The SOCIAL shuTDown

“Tommy lives a life of solitude”,
said a voice from the magnanimous crowd,
the cheers went loud,
the crowd up on their feet, avowed,
Tommy may not be alone, but his cover is blown,
from now on, he is a lone.

Decision of crowd was a fair call,
judged by many, called by all,
said a voice,  praising the brawly social club,
as he drank his home-made shrub,
but does Tommy think the same,
is he devoid of friends, or is the crowd crazy to have made the claim.

The surmise of the crowd,
under the fellowship of a few, cried out loud,
dragging Tommy’s feet to the pit,
but was it “just” to have made that notion sit,
why should a Tommy face the judgment,
crawl in this viscous social stigma like a mutant.

Living in the society, you bare with it,
follow the rules whether right or wrong, finally submit,
follow the few even though it does not matter,
to protect yourself, make someone else-es life bitter,
but why do we do that, not in a flock are we,
why remain spectators, cowards we are not, Are we?

Prompt 171: Endure
One Shot Wednesday

6 thoughts on “The SOCIAL shuTDown

  1. The poem captures the plight of an individual tormented and constrained by social norms. Many face the challenge, to suppress and change, something wrong that rests in society against them.


    • Colin Wilson was definitely criticized a lot for his stand, it was 1950s, he had it coming, but great philosophical criticism he did engage in.


  2. :)…I was talking about “the outsider” by Camu, which is also known as “the stranger” or L’Etranger. “Tommy lives a life of solitude”,/said a voice from the magnanimous crowd,/the cheers went loud,/the crowd up on their feet, avowed,/Tommy may not be alone, but his cover is blown,/from now on, he is a lone.” these lines definitely remember me Meursault’s ( the protagonist) when he opened himself to the benign indifference of the world, it;s about existentialism, though in other ” the outsider” Colin Wilson too talks about New Existentialism…:)


    • Thanks Brian,
      it’s difficult to figure out, it would require a social revolution, that seems a far fetched thought, but we never know if we have not started.


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