Symphony of Rays, double rainbow

This poem is an experience of a “double rainbow”. I did take a little help from science as you can find here. I would like to link it to Poetry Potluck for this weeks challenge on “color, spring and rainbow”.

Long time, the past winters,
laying on my bed, after the night’s blabbers,
closed eyes, dark to red it gained,
a shaft of light onto me, eyes opened like its debut,
hand over eyes, adjusting,
and on the top floor, I met “spring” by the window.

The sun’s warmth felt on my face,
looked at the parallel window and ran to it at pace,
stretched my arms to the horizon,
drops on my palm, falling as in one,
mesmerizing as if Eden,
and on the top floor, I met thy “heaven”.

A little science struck me then,
the rain, the sun, the light,
‘water drop acts like a prism’, I said,
jumped to the balcony to glare the view, ahead,
to my surprise, not a rainbow,
but on the top floor, a “double rainbow” stood thereby.

The symphony of the rays reverberated from drops at pace,
cascaded in skies, an array of colors to embrace,
rain step by step ceased,
the charisma gradually trailed,
colors languished over time,
and on the top floor, I rejuvenated the chemistry of “spring, rainbow and color” as rhyme.

13 thoughts on “Symphony of Rays, double rainbow

    • Yes it is, since it’s a surprise.
      “Description is bound to recognition” they say. Things change, perception changes too.


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