What is DESIRE?

What is desire?
is it,
the reason I aspire,
on my life, a satire,
calculated, envisioned tomorrow’s self,
temptation, longing to see “there” myself,
an ambition as tastes success,
an avocation as not gold,
hope as today is bleak,
dream as it is forgotten,
trust as credited past,
envy as emotions crumble,
love as it’s binding,
lust as attraction’s blind,
generosity as not crippled by self loathing,
greed as enough’s not warranted,
adjustment as survival is compelling,
stagnant as loss shadows success,
a compliance to deadly sins,
a submission to the grace of God.

15 thoughts on “What is DESIRE?

  1. To me, Success is relative. Success is fleeting. Success is a carrot leading a donkey down many a rocky road. Success is OK if it happens, OK if it doesn’t. It’s the road one takes to get to the destination that builds the soul. The road has been worth it.


    • It seems you have tasted success many times. When you are at that point, if you are content, I guess it does not matter much.
      As for me, I am still 2 years away from ‘out of college’ phase, so success is like nectar, I long for. I liked the word relative, it indeed is.


  2. i can totally relate to your words..even im two years away from the “out of college phase”.
    i loved your post!
    thanks for sharing:)
    looking forward to read more of your work..


  3. i would agree that desire can be passion which can be a very good thing…desire, as anything allowed to grow out of control, can be bad…for sure…


  4. Very well said… 🙂 So this is all about desire? I know it is and I believe your lines, that life is really is satirical! 🙂

    Hats off to a beautifully written poem! 🙂


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