Two LOVE poems, Opposite Angles

Today, I wish to write two poems,  both on love, but somehow they conflict.


  • This one discards the “love at sight”, taking into aspect that love grows with time, from attraction to love. It resides in a relation, can be any, not just the one in your mind.

Love is not, the first sight
mere persuasion, fed attractions
blinding night vouches no fictions

relation, no delight but alright,
ages grows, heart distant echoes
love grazes relative delight

ripens with times, alike billions
love asks not, the first sight.

  • This one seemingly is a dream, compelled by contact of eyes with a girl. There has been no interaction by speech, just the sight, but the image has been registered for ever.

Closing my eyes, appears thy face
the first sight, your deep blue eyes
meeting mine, syncs lovable ties

smiles my heart, nonpareil grace,
moment thusly surreal, dream seems real
iterating, not to erase

sigh at absence, truth applies
open eyes, still appears thy face.

Linking to Friday Poetically
and trying out octain again.

22 thoughts on “Two LOVE poems, Opposite Angles

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  3. I guess I can somewhat relate to both. I mean it is possible to have a strong connection to someone by just looking into their eyes. Its like you’re lured in by their soul and locked there and its hard to look away but yet you don’t communicate with them very often. And its not lust because its not quite a physical thing but idk its strange to explain. But both poems are great keep up the good work!


  4. I like that you’ve written two on a theme but taken opposite sides of it for each Octain. Great concept, and some fine lines. Syllable-count is out for quite a few lines though. For instance

    the first sight, deep blue eyes = 6 syllables

    iterating, never to erase = 9 syllables

    Easily fixed of course, but worth going thru both poems carefully and correcting any lines that don’t have the required 8 syllables.


    • Hey, thanks for paying visit.
      Yeah, I had noticed that, but was lazy enough to not edit. I will though, thanks for your insight.


  5. your words ring true,
    well done.


    How is your day?

    Please share your poetry with JP potluck today,
    Have fun!

    Love your talent, as always, appreciate your support.

    Old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are all welcome!



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