The poem is accredited to” The Thursday Think Tank“. Writing a poem, untitled, empty mind, no pre-plan, just accord with as-said time.


TIME throttling my MIND


Setting clock for divvied time,
with passing seconds, forget the rhyme,
in summers of blistering sun, chained,
free rein, breeze at last, today it rained,
oh! yes, I’m alive, let me text a friend,
no Armageddon to world’s end,
had planned “cold steel” ere bed,
watched “water for elephants” instead,
world of circus, life’s poignant scent,
“stallions of steel” on hold, at present,
but my mind, empty like puppet’s,
owing to winging hour, subduing brainy circuits,
cannot tattle anymore, unparalleled score,
rent me some more, I will talk, for sure!

17 thoughts on “UNTITLED

  1. Thank you so much for all th elovely words of encouragement. I love your blog, because of the very first line which is so beautiful ‘ Becasue it si no fun, sitting idle. ‘ If I ever get into lazy zones, I should remind myself of such active and alive always people like you. Loved your poem , specially the ending alot. Beauiful.


  2. More time can only mean more time to pass!! And I say YAAYYY to that!! 🙂

    Very well written, my friend! This was a total package – of wisdom, humor and life!!


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