Payback Time is here!


 Crime of town,
land beneath concrete, down,
impeccable scheme,
glare occupies cemented cream,
boots tick, sing to public,
trees figured, the likes of cubic,
clean, no leaf rested,
like trash in smutty cans, isolated.
No soil, not a trace
there, ‘in museum’. Am I supposed to embrace?
look, on roof, that 100 storey building,
a garden, soil, flowery thing,
lovely. Can I also have a tree?
No, they’re obscure, don’t you see!
Why? then what sustains land per Se,
concrete, it’s a cliche.

Some time, after a week
aggressing drops, on my cheek,
heavily pounding, one of the worst,
clouds broke, hailing cloudburst
crammed sophisticated schemes
jammed ‘let go’ systems, concrete topped off with streams,
flooding in flash, thundered below,
splash, bunking boots, traces of soil, solo
descending from roof, remember the solicited garden,
trash afloat, leaves too. What? That’s ludicrous! Isn’t it urban
No, not today, sorrier than rural
precluded joy, live carnage of people
acclivity of water
escalating, nothing seems to better
faces in dismay, can’t assure lurking tear,
such is the wrath of water, severe.

Incited by prompt “Thunderstorms, Floods and Water Fury

18 thoughts on “Payback Time is here!

  1. They paved paradise and put in a parking lot. I live in a concrete u shaped structure with a small piece of lawn and I get upset when people cut corners and kill the grass. Ironic.


    • I love to have scenic beauty, its a pity we are replacing them, covering them up on the name of sanitation and appeal.


  2. We (humans) are going to pay dearly for our ill treatment of Mother Earth. She’s fighting back and, not even our bombs can do it better than she can and probably will continue to do until we (humans) may finally one day, wake up!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂


    • May be we will and may be we won’t, but it always feels good to do the right thing, but we don’t learn the right thing without being directed to certain consequences.


    • Thanks!
      I love those garden though, over those tall buildings, so beautiful and elegant but seems rather shady when you lack real parks with big trees, replacing them with smaller ones such as weed like, little grass, and say its all green, such a redundant craft.


  3. How blessed I am to live in front of a beautiful floresta on a game preserve. After years of living in cities, I love the serenity of where I live. Thank you for your poem, well written and strong. Thanks, too, for visiting me! hugs, pat


    • Thanks!
      I myself live in hostel and our campus is quite green, away from city, so I am blessed too, for now. Glad to have you here!


  4. there’s beauty even to the wrath of destruction of water,
    almost like royalty.

    as it gushes on in a torrent to sweep away anything it can…..


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