A simple LIFE is about thinking TWICE

Have you ever wondered, how our life closely resembles to our surrounding, how our choices are reflection of a pursuit called the ‘Rat Race‘ which shadows our very own interests and takes over our life.It’s fascinating how we purchase stuff we don’t really need, which does not really interest us, it’s just bought and kept there because it resides with every one, a symbol of “I have it too“.

A simple LIFE is not going into a forest and living like a sage, it’s about not being manipulated by ongoing revelations, it’s about owning, possessing an entity that you require, that inspires, not the one that sits there just collecting dust. I know everyone finds their way into such stuff without reasoning. I say, you “think twice” i.e., challenge your self on accounts of requirement, benefits etc., and if one of the reasons of you wanting that thing is “he/she has it too“, then “think TWICE“.


I live
lies in comforting shoes, assuring
intrigued by surrounding.

I buy
many attractions, not required though
deceived by reasoning.

I think
regardless of necessities
driven by neighbors.

I doubt
choices, to substantiate status
enticed by complex flings.

I need
to break free from closures, siege truth
judged by just interests.

I shall
argue myself, to resolve life
held by prudent contempt.

James Rosenquist’s art always seemed complicated, various aspects clustered as one, this one to me shows human complications, driven endless

22 thoughts on “A simple LIFE is about thinking TWICE

  1. I like the line: “I buy many attractions, not required though decieved by reasoning.” I’ve done that a time or two. I really don’t need something but convence myself I do through self debate, then end up buying it.

    I take it the following lines about the doubting due to complex flings and also breaking free from closure, are about relationship doubts?


    • Yeah, that self debate thing is such a buzzer, I always fall prey to it and end up not happy with the product I buy, kind of feel like I hurried into it.

      The doubts can be regarded as relationship doubts, it kind of catches on with the use of word fling. I would like to generalize on a broader term ‘associations’ that propel, and crave for the ‘pretend’ life we are accustomed to, a society, it has it all, a big bag of all the world has to offer.


      • Yeah, well you addressedd it well by saying think twice. Just walk out the store without it then come back later before leave with the product that day.

        I guess I can understand the association thing too. That is keeping associations with people simply to keep an image going. Though the true essence of friendship or meaningful relations (outside of vanity, I guess that’s the word I wanna use) is not there. Or maybe a conflict in beliefs, well idk I think I’m just rambling and thinking now lol. But ok


      • It’s a long list, it’s like someone famous said, I don’t remember who and I don’t remember what either, but in my head it sounds like, “Poetry never ends, you just stop writing”.


  2. Written with such elegance! Its hard not to get caught up in what people think, in petty competitions but that’s not really what makes us happy at the end of the day if anything its depleting


    • It does go along with youth and the life of today, I feel it, find it everywhere, everyone is bound.
      Thanks for your presence.


  3. it is easy to slip into complications in life making ourselves so busy with inconsequential things…there are so many distractions…first it takes noticing and then willingness to do something about it…


  4. Or to not think at all and witness your life as it occurs without the thinking minds attachment, perhaps when truth is most easily discerned. Compelling write of the journey’s struggle ~ Rose


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