It’s all about DISTANCE

It is not always about how harder one works because it’s just a tool in the poignant journey we endorse. Sometimes, the distance of the goal from our sight makes a commendable difference in either strengthening or weakening our collective efforts. Working your way into something, always reveals more about goal, the destination one is after, often we narrow down to specifications from broader outlook and strike better, sometimes it seems over whelming as we start to know it better, but as we move towards this destination, we collect strength from the journey, it begets experience which becomes our treasured tool to anticipate, and as the distance closes in, the enthusiasm takes over, the joy of conquered battles till date keep us up, to fierce into the final battle. The journey is not always upward, it swamps down and ridges up, but I say “It’s always about the DISTANCE“, the closer the better.


free road,
sublime to
traveler, far
from destination,
the start mere requisite,
umpteen roving steps pursued
to claim but still walking nigh. Counting

ON the
distance sought
till day,

to forebode remaining.  Learning  of,
less to cover, now, more reachable,
informed, revered, narrowing
to clear perspective,
fortifies the
to walk,

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26 thoughts on “It’s all about DISTANCE

    • Do you mean ether (organic compound)? Could say so, didn’t really looked it like that. I just increased syllables and decreased to get the arrangement.
      Took the image from Google search, had a long road and a child, cute but yes, the perfect character since it could symbolize beginning, thinking, children are generally curious.


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