India a Banana Republic?

The poem is directed onto the latest trends in India, politically and socially


What’s with the crazy?
India a Banana Republic!

Was it the 2G scam?
a minister and a deluge of
corporate douchebags,
addressing resignation, socked
with impeding trials.

Was it the Commonwealth Game scam?
a corrupt Kalmadi and some
shitty deals,
possibly sacked, accounted
for hypnotic management.

Was it Adarsh Housing Scam?
likes of Chavan, Army Chiefs
capsized war veteran’s reservation,
placid inquiries of sham
occupants coveted to vacate.

Is it the money stashed abroad?
incompetence of government
to converse, recognize and recite,
‘damn confidentiality treaties’, they say,
$460bn lost, since free rein.

Contemplating from the scams, Are we?
probing corruption, but Ponder,
reiterate past,
for it is the answer to unasked,
featured in it’s belly, Telgi, Fodder,
Hawala, lie and blubber,
events came to pass,
media rattled off and sledged
story to bottoms, and
citizens stood, sat on tunes of priority,
forgetting ‘not to forget’ until absolved,
to apply media to inform masses,
post up front page until resolved.

We failed our nation, we ducked
though bouncer was not on us,
they scored, kept a billion down.
A colossal state, fruitful growth,
judiciary tacking answers, activists
brooding anomalies, necessitating
resolutions, condemning
secrecy, influencing decisions,
are we going Bananas?
are we unstable, ruled by self-elected
obnoxious monopolies, dictated and
suppressed by the rich, are we an autocracy?
I guess NO, I hope not!
we could have asked repeatedly until time,
could have ablated secrecy,
not have given bribes, neither accepted,
could have stood up, because we can,
and, united we should!

Up this time, are we?
excogitating, not influenced by
opportunists instead participating,
up with Anna and Baba for comprehended
rights, have we understood?
I hope so!
That a movement broached
least concerns wrong-doers, but
unites to vouch for common place,
common goal, to refuse shrewd
attributions and dissolve contempt.

Arise, arise to take part,
and not part away!

 “Dictatorship, Autocracy, and Despotism”

23 thoughts on “India a Banana Republic?

  1. Not familiar with the situation described: though it doesn’t sound like it’s much different from others around the world. Different name and place is all.

    Nicely poemed and certainly passionate.

    Poem on …


    • Yup, it’s very much the same all around, it’s always been the vigilance and unity of the crowd that has overthrown a worsening autocracy, won wars.
      Thanks for visiting!


  2. Like Jamie, without knowing the particulars, the whole atmosphere of this poem resonates with the disgust, disdain, whatever…so many of us feel for politicians who are supposed to serve us. This is so well written.


  3. *sigh*
    Maybe this is why I really hate politics… it’s the darned politicians AND everything and everyone that make them who they are.. us!! 😦

    Extremely well written, my friend… brutally honest! But then again, this honestly is what we need.. don’t we!


  4. very nice….love a good political poem and this is finely written with great contol on the emo behind all the junk…nice word play in the last line as well…


    • let’s give political poem a try since it is so hot right now, that’s what I thought!
      Thanks for giving it time Brian, it’s always wonderful to have you!


  5. An unfortunate situation, and one hardly restricted to any one place or time…it’s always repeating, across so many of the world’s boundaries. Tragic, for that. Finely tuned political piece, cleverly and honestly written.


  6. love when the inhabitants of a country fight for what is right in their eyes..loved the..Arise, arise to take part,
    and not part away! so true…we have three indians in the company right now…may talk to them tomorrow how they see what’s going on in their country right now..


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