It’s decremental, it is, you will see.
I wish to explicate an observable beauty.

In a house, began my life, contemporary,
clustered with people, eating brownie,
non-complicated, and I was taught
lessons of life. I invariably bought,
curiosity was, questioning I did, most times,
they answered too, and so the frequent climbs.
I believed, for trust was larger-than-life,
not that I understood “what was life?”
but those first steps in school, sometime
I feel I had moved from random to rhyme.

It’s decremental, it is, you will see.
I wish to explicate, an observable beauty.

In school, associations grew, and new
knowledge cluttered over existing value.
A walk in NEW unfolded variables,
I resonated with yes, for I trusted all angles,
But life as we know it, was not up for hide,
color it revealed, I denied, but it kept aside
morality, truth it showered, “yes, I was lied”,
trust, my innocence, that day “died”.
Conscious stammered, I reviewed my crime,
realizing life had moved from random to rhyme.

It’s decremental, it is, didn’t you see?
I wish to explicate, an untold agony.

In life, started happening, contemplating,
caution grew paramount. It’s truth or acting?
Layered knowledge tampered, who to blame,
questioning all, life never remained the same.
Who knew, random was just scattered ties,
of placed, known and untested allies.
Who knew, rhyme wasn’t just a poetic tool,
but to sing along this manipulative solicit pool.
So, was changed, learned to not trust a dime,
with adjustment moved, from random to rhyme.

It’s decremental, placing trust, you see,
losing as aging. So, cerebrating, to seek some for me.

The poem is on trust, how we lose it as we grow, remember childhood, how we believed everything and everyone, and now, when we meet people, it takes time, a lot of time, and sometimes even after the endless time we are left guessing.

31 thoughts on “From RANDOM to RHYME

  1. So terribly true. Though there should be wisdom in choosing who to trust (God being the ultimate receiver of all our trust) it shouldn’t always be such a difficult process. If only we could take a little of that child like element of innocence in trust along with wisdom, then the process I’m sure would be much simpler and smoother. But I guess from my personal experience I’ve learned if you don’t know who to trust or how to trust, then just trust God and He will show you who and teach you how.


      • Well thank you but my spirit alone is not holy. For it is only when I take on the spirit of Christ, by being baptized in His holy spirit, that am I then holy in spirit. When I therefore act out my bliefs I am then also holy in spirit and in truth.


    • i wanted to make it like a climax, because before that “random to rhyme” must not have made any sense. Glad you liked it Brian.


    • I don’t think we find ourselves unable to accept and trust, it’s just that getting there is more harder than ever. They say experience is the greatest thing earned in life, and with experience comes caution, because we are afraid of being betrayed. So, if trust comes hard, how can acceptance come easy, since any information accepted by me has come from a trusted source, otherwise it has been debated in mind for any doubts on trust.


  2. Okay, I gave out my WOW and my DANG, so you get my “HOLY COW!” This is really well done! Story, rhyme, rythm! You nailed it! (Oh, lookee there… you got my HOLY COW AND my “You Nailed It!”


  3. shame as we grow so does our lack of trust …..I believe life is random and its only our instincts we can truly trust ….really like your poem thank you for sharing


    • Thanks Kez,
      I really like you like my poem. It’s a shame really, but then there’s no solution, is there! We need to accept it, otherwise it’s gonna come and bite us back.


  4. Yes it’s a journey we all take; some of us hurt by the disabuse of trust more than others. Catholic school will do that to you. Sometimes it seems that the first part of your life was a tissue of lies, but the world is so graphic, so full of misery, hurt, war, injury, and death; I suppose it isn’t surprising that shielding children with euphemisms and even lies is a way of trying to keep them safe. Yet it takes a long time to unlearn. Thanks for the subject and the unravel.


    • I did not study in a Catholic school, but yes I did go to school, and I can tell that influence is there, always, you just gotta accept.
      Parenting does shield for sometime atleast, and the lies for benefit, we all understand their significance when are mature enough. I do tend to trust people on many occasions, may be I have not faced reality that harsh and blunt.


  5. Dude! Dude… This is the best poem i have come across.. Trust me.. I cant believe you appreciated my poem after this…???
    Mine is crap compared to this..
    You have such a mature writing… What are you doing on a blog.. Trust me you should be a renowned poet already..


    • Are you kidding me? Look around girl, go to one stop poetry, or jingle poetry, or Tenth daughter of Memory, there are so many marvelous writer, I don’t stand a chance, I have just started and am trying to catch up with the riveting flow.
      About poetry, anything that is from heart, from logic and understandable, perceivable to my intellect is something worth reading and appreciating. That’s how it works for me. Thanks for the overwhelming words. I don’t deserve it, but I can live with it ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Awesome story, wonderful poem. i love it when poems tell a story. These lines were my favorite:

    “Color it revealed, I denied, but it kept aside
    morality, truth it showered, โ€œyes, I was liedโ€,
    trust, my innocence, that day โ€œdiedโ€.
    Conscious stammered, I reviewed my crime,
    realizing life had moved from random to rhyme”

    Great job!



  7. How nicely you show us how to consider trust. I seem to be getting lots of lessons in discernment, i.e., knowing when to trust and when not to. I tend to be too trusting and then am amazed when I see that someone was not trustworthy. Thanks for sharing your poem and also for visiting me. Hugs, pat


    • I am glad to see that you tend to be too trusting, people often misunderstand it for fool, but it’s a virtue that may be if humans would have kept, they would have lived in peace and harmony. Have you seen the movie “The Invention of Lying”, it’s quite a hilarious one at depicting a life of “no lies”.


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