Crime and Criminal

I embraced the light behind me,
as it projected my shadow
onto that wall, that clouded,
darkened, malevolent wall,
eclipsing beyond my sorrows.

The wall unfolded to light,
divulged dark kept secrets.
left exposed by brisk ray of
sunshine, to me, me alone.

I walked along that wall,
cursing it’s part in sinister
boardrooms, never realizing
my shadow was the only
darkness on that wall.

A criminal’s crime,
to look into darkness,
better not falter, turn to light,
shadow will fall behind.

I have been reading into a little of “Psychoanalysis”, the three apparatus id, ego and superego. It is indeed an exceptional theory by Freud to contemplate and structure a model of our psyche. In simple words, “id” – the hidden part, inaccessible, filled with desires, self-gratification, positive and negative, driven by impulse. “Ego”, the conscious part, attempts to mediate between id and the real world i.e., striving to accomplish desires in reality to gain satisfaction and make it useful. “Superego”, more like an agent, our conscience, that strives for perfection, preventing unwarranted demands of id to be met by ego and induces guilt, remorse when unable to prevent, influenced by our surrounding, our only tool to separate right from wrong.

Immersible in shanty, deluded
world, of theories and possibilities,
I instill confidence in cryptic ways,
to mend means to desired ends.

Subdued by premonitions, I take
back, retract to soothing ways for
self and society, finding peace,
in commotion of treacherous schemes.

But patience acquires irrelevance,
when change is not progress,
when liberty is cumbered,
by hindered, darkened self.

Crime ain’t the easy way,
but easy way we take,
shrugging off commitment to
succeeding struggle, fly by criminal lane.

Compromise to advert prosperity
desires shall always appear
germane, when soul resides in dark,
“Criminal for life’s sake”, the lair say!

31 thoughts on “Crime and Criminal

  1. this was really interesting…thanks for the background..have of course heard about Freud but never read one of his books – maybe i should give it a try…thanks for linking up and happy one shot!


    • You should for sure give it a try, if you find it of interest, some of his theories I don’t like but still they have been there since the 19th century and grown to solve personality disorders of countless people, and has penetrated deep into structure of cure.


  2. I like the understanding of the shadows projected on the wall–it does show insight dawning ! Freud’s id,ego ,super ego has always facinated me too—-apply it to any human situation and even the most irrational -seeming things too seem to fall into place! I need to read the second poem a bit more to get into it-it seems to be the super ego acting as a mediater ,trying to rationalize things–BTW what does ‘lair’ signify in the last line?


    • lair signifies the set of people who believe that they chose to commit crime because there was no other option, since I feel they are lying to their conscience, they I think are lying to their superego, it comes handy in killing guilt to some extent. But we forget that there is always an option, it’s just that we choose to take the one which offers quicker relief from the sadness of life and I don’t blame them, since I have never been in that place, it must be hard I admit, but it is wrong too, there is no denying.


  3. I really liked the idea of the shadow on the wall… you have conveyed it exceptionally well here!
    And the concept of ego and super ego have always intrigued me to the utmost levels… I think it’s time I nurture my curiosity by reading some of those Freud theories…

    As for the easy way out.. haven’t we all succumbed to that some time or the other!! *sigh* But then again, it’s never too late to stop making excuses, isn’t it!?

    A brilliant read.. quite an eye-opener!


  4. Interesting reflections on Freud’s theories. I’m currently reading a book: “Hitler, the Pathology of Evil” that I’ll be reviewing for Bluebell Books a week from Saturday. It’s an attempt to psychoanalyse him…interesting but doesn’t excuse the choices he made.


    • very true, and what a lucky coincidence, reviewing Hitler is quite a job you have taken, not easy to place his choices under scanner and analyze his psyche as to why he did and how far he stretched it. I would surely give it a read.


  5. I loved how it ended-
    A criminalโ€™s crime,
    to look into darkness,
    better not falter, turn to light,
    shadow will fall behind.

    Very right and very hopeful! I like the streak of inspiration that it dwells on.. Freud? well, if only he was born in this time..

    hugs xox


    • Yeah, Freud is not of this time, but certainly his theories have found exceptional depth and advancements and is being reciprocated as another cure for awaiting psychiatrists.
      Criticism is on everything but something that stays a century long is worth a look.
      Thanks for reading and yes, hope is something I like putting, a cherry on my life like pie.


  6. “I embraced the light behind me,
    as it projected my shadow
    onto that wall, that clouded,
    darkened, malevolent wall,
    eclipsing beyond my sorrows.”

    Loved the intro to the wall. It’s alive like a character in a novel.


    • well the wall needs a little character, it has an important role to play, glad you loved the start, I hope you loved it all. Many thanks for the read!


  7. this is good stuff…there is a blog i follow that breaks down the psychosis, theories etc…i think understanding these helps us truly more fully develop our characters and get into their minds…enjoyed your free verse for sure…


    • some theories are really interesting just like this one, since you follow such blogs, you liking and appreciating sounds good to me, thanks for reading Brian.


    • It is interesting to me, since I am very new to the subject, kind of exploring. Glad you found it interesting too!


  8. It is always so intriguing ..why we behave the way we do. Some scientists even say that there is nothing like like really true “free will” and our behavioural patterns and our responses to situations expressed with anger, acceptance, depression etc are just chemically determined ,and hardwired into our genes. I’ve never been able to digest that.. The tendency of our mental make up to drift this way or that is in our hands ..I have always felt..but then how do you explain the mind that becomes detatched from on e reality as we percieve it and start living in quite another? Mediation is supposed to help us see ourselves as we really are and it is true most of the times. I meditate myself and it has been difficult, but it has helped me understand my own responsibilities and the way life has taking this turn or the other depending on the way I perceived and reacted to things. But a person have psychollogical can he get into a frome of mind that would help him meditate. How can he be considered responsible..? Still so many questions. Freud starts off htese questions…but even he cannot tell you all. Vey intersting expressions.:-)


    • I think genes are not the culprit to criminal mentality. We all are criminals to some extent but I guess some learning, positive environment helps greatly. It is important to establish as to what is right and what is wrong, a distinction is perhaps something we lack greatly! I think influence of surrounding is quite important.
      Mediation is a great solution but only if we are aware of the distinction, otherwise it’s hard to figure out, a time of silence and introspection is something we all lack, it’s important we take such an essential aspect into account.
      I don’t trust Freud completely, since his theories are derived from countless observations which are many but cannot be completely relied upon.


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