Large Guanacaste tree


I see green
touching golden grass,
vastness of structure,
shade for comfort,
strong and insuperable,
a traveler’s paradise,

I don’t see dark,
beneath the shade,
lie roots naked, devoid
of leaves and fruits,
sipping water, from wherever,
digging deeper, beyond it’s
length, to make green

A picture perfect,
never is all lucrative,
A picture perfect,
never is about beauty,
A picture perfect,
exists, background known
and visible to a few, whilst all see

Gloomy are the roots, hidden,
it’s not known to some,ignored by
some, accepted by some.
It’s “menial” for arrogant rich,
it’s “sacrifice” for wise, alright,
capable of discernment, living,
but it’s also “life-of-many”,
not pretty, but exists a “picture perfect”.

Such is life, I agree,
I understand and I don’t complain.
But next time,
when I see
I shall appreciate thee
hidden beneath

22 thoughts on “Large Guanacaste tree

  1. I would love to learn more about this tree. The photo and the words just give me such a sense of sheltering. I would not see it as gloomy but more as a place to go and reflect. Thanks for sharing this.


    • I think my lines were devious, when I said gloomy I meant roots and not the tree. The tree is the pretty side of picture while the roots are the darker side, but together they make one perfect picture. I have changed the gloomy line and made my assertion more evident.


    • If you remember, I had this picture cut out for that prompt where poetry was to be inspired from pictures of Adam Romanowicz. I had not written for a week and hence had missed on submission that time, it was in my draft ‘the picture’, so I just wrote eventually.


    • That tree is for sure a biggie, it is kind of hall mark of Costa Rica.
      There must be so much life in and around that tree, I wonder!


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