It was meant to BE!


Things happen
and we call them
“events of life”,
some capable of
turning life’s course.

A man’s prevision,
mere predictions
we call them, can
go wrong or equally right.

Future is not set
in stones, we say,
but do we believe,
fighting our way
off the prophecy,
spend entire eternity
working against it,
to change for better.
And whatever be the
result, favorable or not,
we emphasize
“it was meant to be,
there’s no escaping”,
and all
alternative possibilities
are termed delusions,
acceptance sweeps the
never questioning,
nor inquiring explanations,
mere “coincidence”
which it is,
is never understood!

34 thoughts on “It was meant to BE!

    • I simply meant to tell that we are fools to accept end result of any event as fate and not question, since I consider it just a coincidence.
      It is more than apparent that I don’t believe in destiny, it is indeed not a possession of some while can be of whosoever desires it.


  1. The unpredictability of life’s course is shows up well in your poem. Whatever our hopes and plans we are surely lucky if they map out that way but are surely more likely to buffeted by events far from our imagining.


    • Things rarely go the way we want them to, it’s unpredictable for sure, plans change or rather adjust to changing times, luck plays a big part, I agree.
      We must always think rationally in such situations and not overwhelmed by events, calling them fate and accepting the choices they set out for us blindly.


    • such is life and is rightly not predictable, it’s good to not put labels since nothing is insignificant and even if it is, chances are rare of us knowing before hand!


    • I am a firm believer of the first one, although some are very faithful followers of the second too, and I don’t challenge their faith, it’s always good to stand up for you beliefs and respect others.


  2. I believe we don’t question nearly enough and we give a lot of our power away but believing we’ve no responsibility for our lives and that nothing we do matter because it does. Well-done!


    • That’s exactly the problem, I guess since we fail sometimes we don’t dare believe that we are fully capable of change that we seek.


  3. Fate removes our responsibility in our minds, another crutch we like to lean on. I really enjoyed this piece, you provide a good expression and perspective of how we walk through the journey. ~ Rose


  4. hahahha.. I have often wondered about the exact same thing, Harish… we try to be rebels.. and in the end, we succumb to ordinary words like ‘coincidence’.. I just don’t get it…

    Really REALLY liked this poem a lot! Could identify a great deal with it..


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