do not QUIT


Excursions taken past times in woods
knew I was new, sheltering beneath
hulking trees, roofs to rain, sun,
snow, but once ages ago new
now stands tall aged.
Little I ask,
patience, don’t
halt this

There are two thoughts that come to my mind when I am required to make decisions, decisions that are capable of (or, at-least I believe) changing life’s course, “the only one stopping you is you” and “only stretching far beyond can one know, how far one should go”. They are somehow both asserting my inclination to take risks, to push beyond limits to find where limits lie. I believe what keeps me from taking risks is an uncertain future because unknown is scary and I don’t intend to lose a functional present to possible future, cautious just like the quote, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. So, when a door opens to multiple possibilities where likelihood of any is probable, I only see and wish to perceive grandness, also doubting abilities the same time, knowing that I just started creates a gap, large enough to keep me at bay. I guess it gets overwhelming. All I think anyone is capable of doing is to RESPECT one’s INSTINCTS to make choices, and not SUCCUMB to the tragedy that is QUITTING.

44 thoughts on “do not QUIT

  1. If we always ran away from making changes, the world would come to a stop.
    Life is always all about changes and, if we don’t change, changes about us force us to change. Sooooooo best to lead the dance and not be led. I guess. Good piece of writing though about indescision.


    • I agree, taking control of life is all about doing things without hesitation, to bring in clarity which can be best cultivated when it’s challenged, and indecision is part of the process.


  2. Interesting expression. Though I was trying to relate the idea of not quitting to the contents and I couldnt quite get it. Can you kindly shed some light?


    • Everyone has hard days, and sometimes people can’t take it anymore and they walk away from the problem, they quit. The problem here is not the problem but the person’s inability to deal with it and find solutions and further have confidence upon choices made. In such a situation it’s important that the person shows a little patience and after, pursue the course that comes naturally. That is all!


  3. Well said. If we linger too long before taking that one step forward, may be a lot will be lost . There is a sying in the Bhagwat Gita , the sacred text of the Hindus..”Karmanye vaadikaaryaste…ma phalesu kathachana:, which means that one should do what the moment demands of us without dwelling too much on what the results are going to be, provided of course we do what we have to do with wisdom and awareness.


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