… his brilliance, his song

A kid, his brilliance, his song.

In this gullible world,
his own song,
like no other.
No chorus,
like alone pushing clues.
Perpetual and seamless,
like ventures unexampled.
Adamant and naive,
unlike ripples in waters
that cease at lands amazement.

And a kid, his brilliance, his song.

In this restrained world,
his own song,
like no other.
Clubbed to a domain,
like his world it is.
Shunned to closet,
like exploration ain’t worth.
Floors won and seated upon
by bosses of sections,
must he crawl stairs to convince all.

And again,
a kid, his brilliance, his song.

Need be,
neither gullible nor restrained,
but receptive.
Need be,
not uncomfortable standing ovation,
to chain of commands,
but allowance to speak.
Need be,
not rejection conducing adamant,
but ear to hear.

And shall rejoice
kid and the world,
and staged bosses,
with his brilliance, his song.

It’s rather unfortunate how difference of understanding and protocols can lead to difference in one’s life and affect how and how much an individual can contribute to the society and by and large the world. If it’s a world with tricks, an able man finds, learns and practices what he must to live, it’s not a contribution to the world but it’s an apparatus to sustain and survive, and an added liberty to do whatever is required to achieve the former, a probable negative. If it’s a world with restrictions, unwarranted rules, then an able man, once again is forced to play by some rules, adhere to the chain of commands, a limited contribution I must say. But how about a world that hears, listens, and is receptive. No one should shut down protocols, otherwise it’s chaos but an adjustment mustn’t be dejected if it’s an able man’s contribution for better world, how about that!

26 thoughts on “… his brilliance, his song

  1. Wise words indeed

    A kid his brilliance his song is alternative and brilliant for that reason…it has this off beat disharmony that slips away from me, just giving me enough to want to re read and understand…… i love it

    and the additional thoughts.

    Proper bo


  2. I love your poem. I also love the comments it brought. I always feel that people enrich what I write when their comments show they have considered the message and want to add to it. You do well in engaging the reader. Hugs, pat


  3. Children are the future of the world and we must listen to them, creating a channel of mutual respect in order to teach them well. They also teach us so much. I know I have learned so many life’s lessons from my own. They say, “It takes a village to raise a child”, but how many children have truly lifted up a village and what would the world do without them? This perspective of being inclusive of everyone when giving respect, is so refreshing! I want to thank you so much for writing this!!


  4. I know exactly–in my own way, of course–what you mean. The same types of thoughts accost me often. Rules; I’ve always hated them. We are expected to fit the mold. Like trying to put a loaf of french bread in a jelly jar. (That’s the redneck version of what you said.)
    Good writing!


  5. the songs of the kids are not always nice to listen to but they are real..i have three teenagers and they taught me some lessons by listening to their songs…everyone deserves to be heard…enjoyed this poem…


  6. Ah yes, the vital listening. I’ve an 11year old little lady who is on year two of guitar who loves to sing. We waited 12 hours at cattlecall auditions, spent small fortunes we shouldn’t have on gadgets and tuners, sheet music and more. Without the willingness to listen, none of it would have mattered or helped. We really must listen, to allow them their voice, and their own opportunities…and even when it all seems no more than noise, they usually bring with it messages our own heart have forgotten. Thanks much for this…really enjoyed it!


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