To Friendship

Everyone has their own version of friendship.
It’s a self explanatory word though, nothing like it. To set sail in a ship with memories of a friend (physical presence not essential), that’s all.
Talking I’m not good at but convey everyone must, so here it is, appreciate y’all!


and amassing love
dripping from pockets replete
remember always, responsible ain’t me, it’s you.

36 thoughts on “To Friendship

  1. It really is amazing how true friends can help make a difference in your life that you couldn’t thank them enough for. I love the picture its too cute and great write. I was just reflecting on friendship myself the other day.


  2. thanks for adding me to your network. How come? Have you read my posts and like them? I am intrigued.

    Your ode to friendship was crisp and to the point. Indeed where would we be without friends to make our lives rich?


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