The worlds moved on

Not long ago,
the world was thousand places,

Nomadic some,
took strides to where land was,

Stayed those,
prolifically concerting up-keeps,

So were worlds,
scads of outlined discrete crowds,

Gradually indeed,
drifters rose crowds outnumbered,

Wanderers no more,
they inter-mediated propositions,

Places bellowed,
staged sell-able product-ware,

And though,
implicit, the worlds moved on,

16 thoughts on “The worlds moved on

    • We indeed live at different places and our ways are totally different, but at-least we are aware that we are not the only one. This information age, rather post information age can be held liable for occurrence of events in one place because of events happening at other places. Such has become of the world now, where we no more are concerned about just our town, nation or continent, but consider the whole world when speculating.


  1. And the world moved on.. nice ring to it.. as your words moved on to the perfect end. I enjoyed it .
    Shashi? ??? ????? Om Namah Shivaya


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