Facebook LIKES, Traffic SPIKES

Yesterday, I was on a forum and a discussion was going on. The topic was “whether “Facebook likes” consideration for people’s choice award is a correct criterion or a hoax possibly via wrong means”. I found the discussion compelling and wanted to share my point of view on resourcefulness of likes, credibility of methods and possibility of recognition by a reader or editor.

  • I am on Facebook and after one month of blogging on Word Press it is very clear, how the system works. Ever have you been to freshly pressed, you will find many likes and comments. There are many serious comments, but some are ‘very nice post’, ‘nice’ or just a smile, some of these people don’t read, some people who like don’t read. It’s not just that they are friends, because they are not, it is because they want a back-link. A back-link on a popular post is a good way of generating traffic on one’s own blog. I however prefer giving a comment that makes it clear enough that at least I have read the post, once I did just the smiley and seemed foolish and said to myself – ‘never again’. I am not pressing hard on commenting though, sometimes the post is so wonderful, that there is nothing to say but all you can do is like.


  • Yes, likes play an important role, for instance, I’m more likely to surf a post with 10 likes or comments than none. It just comes naturally to me. There are thousands of blogs written in the internet communities, and an initial push is required, for ‘unfamiliar and very familiar’ content. People with greater contacts can spread farther but indeed I can’t blame them, they did work on their network somewhere earlier and now are enjoying the perks. I don’t feel there is a wrong doing in that case, however fake accounts are a problem but seriously how many fake accounts can one make but Of course if you are dedicated to it, then I can’t say!


  • Facebook and twitter are awesome resources but everyone doesn’t like, very minimal likes are there of the  percentage of total friends one may have. They might like the first time and second but they eventually start reading or skipping, and lesser likes follow (as taken by percentage of total friends); however number of friends go on increasing so likes eventually increase. It is also more like a modus operandi where people are bound to like popular posts.
  • I would not rely on editors either. It is always difficult for an editor or any blogger to vote and present award to a fellow blogger who is new. It takes time to be identified, you cannot expect in a rush of thousand people that you are going to get that much attention from the reader as someone who is familiar and has been a member for more one year. One may skip lines on which you have worked for hours. It happens in a competitive environment, since there are so many people to be liked, and of course since you are new, have a look, there are many magnificent bloggers.


All in all, it is hurtful for a new blogger to not get enough likes, as a matter of fact if he/she sees their traffic they might not even have enough views, compared to the likes of other. It is always encouraging to get recognized but it will take time, one need to be patient. However, if you have been there long enough, you need to consider other problems such as content. I believe you can reach only to a certain extent without content, but to move even further quality of content is must. It is always advisable to young bloggers to participate more, follow the give and take relationship if you like, and expect nothing, just work on quality content, rest will come eventually if you are worth it.

So, to conclude, “to hell with Facebook likes”. I am a young blogger myself; I am not in a hurry. Let us enjoy every moment here and keep telling ourselves to learn, write, post and share for our own sake, not to impress but to bring originality and improvement.
Have a happy blogging!