Long Live the Friends


“Friends” was the first series I ever saw, even before Seinfeld. The show seemed ordinary at first, to be specific the first season, but then it really blew me away. I am not sure what was it, whether it was the script, the characters, or the fact that I envisioned having similar bond with my friends. The first season, was more traditional, you can guess from the music, and their acting, but it was still nice compared to any that featured in the similar genre, such as Party of Five, Chicago Hope, My so called Life, The Vicar of Dibley etc. It was the second season when I saw the characters and thought that they exist, this could be true, its no fiction, I must find myself some of these friends.

The fact that “Friends” went on to become so popular was because of the cast and crew. Whether it was the subtleness of Chandler, beauty of Rachel, geekiness of Ross, cleaning syndrome of Monica, genius of Phoebe or stupidity of Joey. Lately, when Matthew Perry came up with Sunshine, he reported how much of work is required behind the set and how he is seeing all of it for the first time. On the set of Friends, he merely had to come up and act.

The script for the show was superb and was equally complimented by the six Manhattan friends. When I earlier saw the Oprah show, or the Tonight Show featuring cast of Friends, I was more than convinced how deeply everyone in the cast felt about the show. For a successful show with the kind of viewership that Friends received, it is important to have a good image outside the sets as well. The show grew even more, as the fans acknowledged the fact that for a span of 10 years, each of them have been friends in reality as well, ordering the same food everyday, helping out Matthew Perry with his addictions and of-course, the fact that all of them were good looking smart people.

Many argue when it comes to Seinfeld and Friends. May be Seinfeld brought the concept of ‘Friends hanging out in a city life’ first but Friends made it a trend, there is no denying that no other show could have pictured the life of six singles into making of friends, as “Friends” did. I am a fan of both, but whenever I am upset or bored, I switch to Friends, because it has more people, who are more fun, who are not mere critics, but are stupid, clever, lovable, and best of all true friends, on and off the stage, a complete package. One who does not love Friends, definitely is not social.


The television industry was dull at that moment, “Friends” with its sexual comedy, innovative and stylish dresses, hairdos, pushed the bar for a comedy 30 minute sitcom to a romantic, more demanding 30 minute sitcom. I have all 10 seasons of Friends, and I have seen them countless times, and I am not bored. Even, after so many years, I fail to call any of the characters by their original names, but their stage names, not that I do not know, but because those characters are still in my head. I love Friends, and the fact that it still does not seem old, even after so many years, leaves no doubt of how great the show really is!

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