500 Days of Summer


Ever gotten bored doing the same thing over and over, listening to the same concepts of life always, pile of rhetorics buttered with voices where the only difference among them are the damn voices. Well, whatever your answer, you are bound to adore the Indie flick, “500 Days of Summer.”

Let’s hope the preceding lines didn’t throw you off the track.
What I was going for, was to put it out there, the word ‘newness.’ Insanely common it does sound to the majority of us, since we have always wanted a newer beginning, or a newer end, a change of technology and precisely a change of perspective. The idea of ‘newness’ is so alluring that mind genuinely drifts off to a bunch of imaginative glimpses, possibly a creation of our mental research. Although, you might accept that even though you are quick to think and explore this newer perspective that has presented itself, you fail to imbibe it in reality. You cumbered by your own defense mechanism, generate scenarios where the change that you seek would not work, and to discourage yourself is all you become capable of, thus there you are, stuck in present, not wanting to move up to the next level because you are scared, subjugating your dreams and at last, the thought itself blurs down, to this miniature that you don’t recognize, neither remember.
And then, in due time, you find something, you watch, think to yourself, and there it is, you are scared no more, you understand and you wish you had thought of it earlier, for you cannot believe you never moved past the present even though the future was the place to be, a place of opportunities that never ceased to glare with open eyes, waiting for you to take a step forward, just the one. This is what happened to the boy in the movie, who was lost for 499 days, and with the sunshine that fell that day, on the 500th, the time of summer was done and a newness found its way right in.

So, there it is, “500 days of Summer”. Not that the movie is top notch or something to critically acclaim but there is newness, a newer perspective beautifully presented, not an invention but more like a discovery purporting the obvious. This indie flick is seriously a must see if you are tired and don’t wish to use your brain, if you are sad and want to put a smiley on your face, if you are looking for a newer perspective obviously. So, interesting title, isn’t it? The 500 days of Summer are not of the season but of a girl being there named Summer. The Day 1 starts with her entry in this person’s life named Tom and Day 500 is her exit and conclusion is the newness, it was quite amusing how they brought Autumn into picture. ‘Yes’ the lessons are always in the end, and I love those kind of movies that create this whole story to justify that single yet very convincing idea in the end. Tom, writes greeting cards, studied architecture and believe that “love happens, with the ONE”. On the contrary, Summer is extraordinary (you know when you see) but average, and believes that “love is fiction, there’s NO meant to be”. When you board this journey of 500 days in the one and a half hour, you realize how their perception of life changes in a very funny and obvious way. The idea here is of a relationship (however is equally true for everything) that we interpret as love, and its rather hard to let go when such a belief is established in our concrete mindset, but the puzzle of break ups which is taken upon so hard by the one on receiving side, is sad and its interpretation by the same needs to be changed, just like the end which the movie diligently provides to the audience.

So, let’s see some of the quotes that make this one quite fantastic, humorous and watchable.

  • The girl Summer Finn did not share this belief. Since the disintegration of her parents marriage, she only loved two things. The first was her long dark hair, the second was how easily she could cut it off and feel nothing.
  • This is a story of boy meets girl but you should know upfront that this is not a love story.
  • To die by your side. Is such a heavenly way to die.” Song by Smiths.
  • It’s obvious that you are just afraid of getting into you don’t want which will shatter all the illusions of how great these past weeks have been.
  • “What happened? Why didn’t they work out?” “What always happens. Life”
  • Everyday you make me proud, but today you get a card.
  • I think you are just remembering the good stuff, next time you look back, I really think you should look again.
  • I just woke up one day and I knew.
    Knew What?
    What I was never sure of with you!
  • You can’t ascribe great cosmic significance to a simple earthly event, coincidence that’s what anything ever is, nothing more than coincidence.


I think may be the whole story is quite upfront once you have finished with the quotes, seems to me they are the significant points that shape the story. I so agree that this is not a love story, it’s not that traditional romantic comedies where a girl and a boy argue with one another and end up together, the onset being quite energetic and full of conflicts and the end being happy and the middle with lots of sappiness. This was more like a phase in someone’s life which essentially emphasizes upon the continuity of life even though breaks are forever, i.e., life goes on and one must too, for being stagnant because of a coarse belief which is nothing but another coincidence, hurts nobody but ourselves, so move on. Another plus to the movie is the groovy music, I liked it a lot, “good times for a change, see the look I have had, can make a man turn bad” awesome!