Reforming INDIA

A while back I came across an article in “The Times of India”. It was pretty incredible and yet very sad. It did somehow make me think as to where our country stands, whether we are progressing, standing still or regressing. Whether the platform for better technological advancement, guided future development is ready or not, whether the society is able enough to find peace with the growing global recognition and surge, and whether blaming the government is all we got.

The article was about a resident of Switzerland who liked India as a nation for the spicy food, spicy ladies, incredible beauty, culture, history, monuments, and historical marvels like the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal and many more things. He even praised Bollywood movies and stated ‘Fanna & Veer Zara’, as fantastic movies. Well, may be now you understand as to why I thought the article was incredible, but do not get drawn in by all the incredible stuff and forget that there is a sad part to the story as well. You may get surprised and equally unhappy but this is the end to the incredible and, thus begins the sad part.

Did I tell you that the guy with his wife had visited India many times and had cousins in New Delhi. Now, when Bashir (the guy) traveled with the cousins by a taxi or other form of public transport, he was charged hundred rupees, but when he traveled alone with his wife, and no cousins, the charge quadrupled to 4 hundred rupees. The guy surprised as he was, had to pay the sum having no other option. He described the situation tragic and shameful, for in Switzerland as he said – ‘you could go to prison for it’. Further, he exclaimed that such a trend is not limited to mere public transport system but to hotels, markets and even streets, always cheating. He found it unreasonable and wrong and commended such act, for it gives one’s nation a bad name. Corruption he said is very, very bad.

When it comes to corruption, India knows no bounds. Now, that the country is progressing in Information Technology and services, also rating a high growing GDP, it is important to present a good name and raise the bar, and to show that responsibilities that comes with recognition and success are well undertaken, further appreciated, because it is no joy to hear from a person of other nation to call our people corrupt. A “Corrupt Nation” and a ”Corrupt Government’ are two very different things. It is indeed no denying that corruption has penetrated deep, not only in the governmental setup but also the society. It is a common notion that corrupt government is a reason for corrupt citizens because to work out a job, understanding is required which cannot be established between two parties with opposite ideologies, but then again seeing corruption at non-governmental areas such as public transport system and hotels, where tourists, not knowledgeable enough are exploited for money is utterly shameful and wrong. Of-course, I do not mean to implicate that the whole system whether government, groups or society is corrupt, as we know it is false and it is just the work of some, but then again there is a need to fill these voids or loop holes that are worked by some wrong-doers.

There has been a row of protest to the government over a number of scams that have come to front row and the proposal of Jan Lokpal Bill led by Social Activist Anna Hazare against corrupt politicians is well appreciated, but one must never forget that corruption does not necessarily speak of the politicians but also of the citizens and they hold an equal and even greater responsibility to fight off corruption and never succumb to the wrong-doers to get work done, instead protest against it, if the need arises. Importantly, every citizen must take pride in his/her country and think twice before progressing in any activity that might leave impression of embarrassment. It is never wrong to say that “the corrupt is a criminal to the nation, but the one who does not retaliate is a criminal too”.