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The top ten movies of 2010 for me differed from Oscars. Don’t get me wrong, I love Oscars and recently had a debate with my fellow friends about the legitimacy of Academy Awards. Well, I supported the claim that Oscars are fare, most of the times, but we being self-righteous, like some movies more than others, biased on the basis of cast, story, technology, personal attachment and much more. It was a crude perception that since IMDB voters favored Inception as a movie, it would win the Oscars but that was definitely not the case. Whosoever thought of that must not be thinking, for a good movie in Oscars is generally performance-led, not disguised by the money it makes and the fan love, and never before has a sci-fi movie won an Oscar for Best Motion Picture, then how could one expect Inception to win it. I do not doubt Oscars for when I heard Tom Hanks speak, it struck me how a common man does not think thoroughly.

At the last Oscars, Tom Hanks showered some light on AcTom-Hanks.jpgademy Awards for Best Picture, Cinematography and Art Direction. He said – “Now, what helps make a movie an all time classic is the weaving of its story into its visual concept and design brought to life by the Art Director and the Cinematographer. Among the masterpieces that have won this Oscar tri-fecta are Benhur, Lawrence of Arabia, West side Story and Schindler’s List. The last movie to collect all these three Oscars did so over a decade ago, James Cameron‘s epic account of the sinking of the Titanic on its main voyage in 1912 is an stunning example of how Art Direction and Cinematography helped create a Best Picture Classic”.

Anyways here’s a list of Top 10 for the year 2010 that I preferred. I saw a total of 50+ movies but kept some 20 movies only, never to be deleted, as I do every year. Feel free to post your top ten and comment if you do not find it convincing.  I am not into animated movies, so I did not include Toy Story into the top 10 list.

10. Remember Me

remember-meDon’t get fooled by the trailer, lucky for me I saw the movie first and then came across the trailer. The trailer does no justice to the movie, generally trailers are supposed to make even the most tacky movies awesome for those 2 minutes, but when I saw the trailer for Remember Me, I was in shock, it was like they were trying to keep away the people from an impressive movie. For Robert Pattinson, it was no twilight, rather it revolved around rhetoric, and commotion that was with his father. He replicated a  serious and appreciable brother, son, providing all drama and emotion, needed to confer his pursuit to set life on track. Commendable job by James Bond as well, he could be a good father figure. The sweet music in the trailer even for the quote – ‘whatever you do in life, will be insignificant’ had filled me with rage, listen it in movie and you will know it all. Many a times, movies do not require excessive logic, many times it simply touches you heart, and when it does connect to you on an emotional level, it is always wonderful and so is “Remember Me”, a beautiful title.

9. Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

Scott-Pilgrim-Vs-The-World-movie.jpgThis movie took me to a totally unknown dimension of film making, and yeah, Edgar Wrights did it again. If you are into this kind of stuff, you are gonna love it, it is entirely an arcade game, so cool. I am not gonna criticize on the matters of acting, since being a teen or more likely youth movie, it is incredible. It adds an entirely, never seen before, persona of gaming to the eventual boredom, more importantly it cannot be classified as a teen comedy, since it had much juice than that. Michael Cera did a good job (just like he did in Arrested Development). Also Wallace, the room mate was funny, with sister ‘a twilight star’ showing potential too. I might not say it was too good, but again it was different, refreshing and definitely loved the 1 UP, God he got another life – hilarious!

8. Never Let Me Go

never-let-me-go.jpgThis movie is the only one I waited anxiously for, I was really delighted and caught in by the fantastic trailer featuring promising performers Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield. The story as depicted by the trailer was so mesmerizing that I went on to read the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. I might be biased to propose the movie in the top 10 but still it touched my heart. It was very simple, yet very complicated. Who would have thought of bleak side to the advancement in medical science, who out of the millions of people would have expected that the donors for the organs were orphans, the pillars to the successful modern surgery. The life at Hailsham is also a symbolic representation of how human mind can be diluted, molded and recast-ed into a set of principles, and also how love – the natural feeling and human behavior can be suppressed for a greater cause of donation. I loved the movie, not so much as the novel but still it was awesome and heart-throbbing.

7. Black Swan

black-swan-review.jpgThe movie is one of my favorites much accredited to the beautiful Natalie Portman, equally supported by the lovely Mila Kunis. The movie is quite tragic, but still one cannot ignore the breath-taking act of Natalie. She might have admitted to the claims of body double but that does not reflect on the superb acting she thrilled us with. The movie is more inclined to appreciation of the art of ballet dancing and the character Nina’s aspiration to perfection. The best part about it is tale of two sides of our character, the enactment of how coercing and strive for perfection by straining measure could push one to the torments of mental illness, delusional behavior. Overall, great performance and exceptional personation of ballet as form of art.

6. True Grit

true-grit.jpgThe story of a determined girl, set on a journey to track down her father’s murderer, a soothing and magnificent portrayal of Charles Portis novel. The movie justifies the western old-fashioned style, with brisk performances, consumes and en-daring dialogues. Jeff Bridges was a real star, equally supported by Matt Damon and the rising star, Hailee Steinfeld. It does not take much to propose that the remake, John Wayne factor, had kept me skeptical towards the movie, but the movie surpassed all expectations.

5. 127 Hours

127-hours.jpgMany say that it is an exceptional movie, great acting by James Franco but it’s not entertainment, but to me it was pure entertainment. If entertainment to you is all about shouting, visual effects, sci-fi, then I am sorry I do not agree. To me it is all about engagement. If I am able to sit and watch the movie for the whole time, not bothered of how much time has passed, it is indeed entertainment to me. The story of Aron Ralston, an American climber is real and the depiction brilliant, definitely an eye opener. I loved the part when he interviews himself on the morning show, also the detail added in relation to hallucination. And the fact that when our end is near, we feel sorry for ourselves, filled with regret was damn straight. Did you not love the scenic beauty of blue water beneath the rocks, epic right?

4. The Fighter

The-Fighter.jpgIt was an excellent movie by Mark Wahlberg. He was all over the movie, right from its promotion. At first as I saw the movie, it felt like another old saga of a Fighter starting from bottom, talented enough to get to top; at last, realizes his capabilities and wins the title, but as I saw, it turned out incredible and totally different to what I had predicted. The best supporting actress and actor, the mommy and the elder brother, Dicky, were more than just family, they illustrated the social drama that the fighter had to face, the quarreling, the dream, the break-up, the resilience, and then the win. It made complete sense to me as to why the movie was much more than just the predictable win. It does justify that saying – “It is not the win, but the journey that’s worth the watch”  and for that I loved the movie.

3. Inception

inception.jpgMay be the movie has been criticized on grounds of betraying scientific norms and beliefs, but none-the-less it was a great idea, depicted flawlessly by the Cinematographer and Visual Effects team. I had to see it twice to let it all sink in. One does somehow fail to highlight and notice the acting for a sci-fi movie because the total involvement resides in the idea that the movie presents. One has to take for granted many things, such as dying in third level leads you to an infinite space and waking up in reality no longer holds, mind working faster projecting greater time in dream, but that’s OK, I mean to make words, you gotta know ABC, and if it were all true, then the movie would have been a reality.

2. The King’s Speech

The-kings-speech-movie.jpgI liked the movie very much mainly for the superb cast with the likes of Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter. I liked Social Network more, because I appreciated the story of the youngest billionaire while he is still alive, how it is deviated but still real, how well-edited and enjoyable it is. The King’s Speech was fantastic too, the best part about the movie was the fact that the King at the end still had the problem, he was not cured, but changed enough, to give his speech to the nation, most movies would have cured him thoroughly. Helena and Geoffrey are ingenious as always. The movie was quit opposite to Social Network in many ways – it was historic, the latter modern. It further, showed courage and extensive hard work, while Mark was established highly intelligent. However, both movies had put the lead character as a testament to character and humanity.

1. The Social Network

The-social-network.jpgI do not know if it is the superb portrayal of a geek by Jesse Eisenberg, the subtle remarks especially the one to the lawyer about ‘part of attention’, some commentary to the hacking for building face mash that seemed genuine to the naked eye and thanks for not making it all geeky, the continuous plot that was engaging, all make it worthy of a good, likable movie. Some may express concern over the deviation from originality, or too much of inhuman behavior of Mark Zuckerberg, but that’s all right, it was a movie for god’s sake, no one likes plain boredom, twist and turn are required. Anyways, loved the background score, the music is breath-taking.

[Well, these are my top 10 movies for the year 2010. Post yours if you may.
I know it’s a little late to post for 2010, but never late to add some good movies to the list.]


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