Beginning it is, not new


The day is done,
sun ain’t momently lost
to the mirky clouds,
it has set.

At tomorrow’s daybreak,
whilst shall rise just as before
sun’s mien shall connote
not just another day,
rather a whimsical foray,
for nous wanders,
to the year that was,
calling past to better rescue
future that flavors lost.

Crowd at square,
brave-hearts at club,
have commenced countdown,
to services of unseen time,
gracing, acknowledging arrival,
trusting futurity, and in it, self,
clung to smattering resolutions,
caressing celebratory today,
like tomorrow’s sunshine
would remedy drabness
of cluttered corners,
just like that!

but wager I will
on this creature of jubilation,
better their act,
unlike darn solitary brains
confined to past,
pains they sob over,
unable to shed off.

beginning it is, not new,
all called for is another view.

12 thoughts on “Beginning it is, not new

  1. all called for is another view…nice..a lot of things will stay the same, even if we write 2012 now… i’m always excited about the “really” new things, i hope the new year has some pleasant surprises in store…smiles..happy new year to you!


  2. I agree with Zongrik…in the midst of the wild celebrations, there is a sense of loneliness. For me, year’s end and beginning is a time of reflection. I got that sense from your words.


  3. So true, calling it for another view… Love the shape created by words… Well penned.. 🙂 
    Hi there, found you from the Poet Rally site.. Oh yes, Happy New Year 2012.. Am glad to drop by your site.. Hope to see you around.. 🙂 Cheers!


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