What worries about Cricket in India


There are many things going wrong with Indian Cricket, period. The overseas defeats, seven in a row, nobody wanted and believe me the Cricketers themselves must be devastated, for raining onto them are awful reviews of their own misfortunes. In India, Cricket is a fast paced game, and it does not matter if its test or ODI. The tidings of a win sweep the sub-continent effortlessly, and a loss is more so rapidly conversed. It’s more of a balance scale, a tarazu if you may, that never attains a state of equilibrium. If the team wins, the weight of fans on one pan is so overwhelming that prospects of Indian Cricket and cricketers at the other end, reach Mount K2, however that does not last long, for a loss makes them the fastest sliders in the world, as if fans at one end kept jumping off the pan, and putting “to be blamed” entities on the other simultaneously, inverting it altogether.

The situation appears worst at best, and the blame game is being enjoyed instead. It starts with disappointed fans, who cry loudmouth, which is learned outright by selectors in due time, then publishing insights are oldies and later critics surmount the whole ambiance with expert suggestions. Its as if the problem will be solved, but to the many who bear the might of recollection, it is known that the clamor and clatter will die down as soon as they register a win in near future, and yes as soon as that happens, weaknesses will be ignored, comparisons of Indian domestic cricket with Australia that are discussed in great detail right now, will be forgotten, and nobody will talk of bowling that failed to break partnerships, that has rarely seen greener pastures past-present, once batting starts to flow!

These are one of those lows that shall be followed by highs, I suppose, an optimist you might say, but as far as the present goes, its trouble for players who might witness a lowering of income, amidst lowering of brand Cricket, that they solemnly enjoyed, and a shout out to the jealous bastards, who call them millionaires, its in your hands alright, to chop down their money-tree when you feel they don’t deserve. It is the latest buzz, plug to be pulled on Cricket if the form continues. The whitewash at Australia, lowering television viewership and perceived surrender by Indian Team, is no more a hot commodity. The charges on advertisements are bound to drop, up to a 20% and renegotiation is underway for the stars who don’t shine as much, or probably the sun, Oz, is just too bright. Anyways, Cricket Australia must be perplexed, if they should cheer their victory or mull over dropping revenues, may be they will let India win the next, a win-win situation if they intend.


Many conceive that humiliation in Australia is a collective failure, I believe them, for it is! I don’t wish to blame Sachin Tendulkar, at-least he had the decency to keep quiet unlike thousands who wanted his 100 more than a win, I guess fans weren’t focused either, but hey that’s the luxury of being on the sidelines. I don’t know who referenced the word “collective”, heard it from Srikkanth, the selector, who thought of distributing failure to all associated parties, it worked to some extent, however one wonders if its their responsibility to improve the domestic level cricket, churn out young lads who can better replace. It would be unfair to not mention Dhoni, he’s the captain after-all. Now moving on, the fallacy that this being the best team has the best chance at defeating Australia seemed improbable, not at the team part but at the chance, for somehow aspirations went overboard, or may be they have hit so low that I find myself incapable of a higher reproach. Of the many debates, the best discussion would undoubtedly be on India’s performance outside India, which like Lokpal has been discussed indefinitely. I wonder if this year will resolve it all, may be they should make a fishbone diagram, or best, mark the evergreen option, first divert with IPL, then organize IPL and then divert again.

Off to Adelaide now!