10 Tips to Score High in a Group Discussion


Group Discussion (G.D.) is a common occurrence in our day to day life, however when local chipmunks like us are put to squabble in front of suits draped in black, it becomes an entirely different scenario. Yea, you heard me right, I did say squabble, because that’s what every novice of every block thinks it is!

To excel in a Group Discussion, to get highlighted, and hence increase chances to gain recognition from the judging panel, would require some efforts on your part.

Here are the 10 tips that you might find extremely useful:

1.  First off draw a distinction between Group Discussion and

The most misunderstood notion held by a newbie, to everyone’s amazement, does not even begin to relate to any of the core practices and principles of G.D. but is a result of an added external, an entirely different form of interaction, called “Debate.” The overlap in the knowing of a G.D. and a debate is essentially responsible for the squabbling, that many mistakenly assume is very important. It is a requirement of debate to hold on to one’s chosen point of view, i.e., the two individuals cannot change their viewpoint, and can only provide arguments that make strong their assertion and in turn weaken that of the opponent. However, in a Group Discussion, to reach consensus is the lone requirement. Thus, the purpose is not to blankly counter viewpoints of others, but to have a good ear and hence, provide constructive views that help reach a common opinion. Continue reading

Top 10 Movies in 2010


The top ten movies of 2010 for me differed from Oscars. Don’t get me wrong, I love Oscars and recently had a debate with my fellow friends about the legitimacy of Academy Awards. Well, I supported the claim that Oscars are fare, most of the times, but we being self-righteous, like some movies more than others, biased on the basis of cast, story, technology, personal attachment and much more. It was a crude perception that since IMDB voters favored Inception as a movie, it would win the Oscars but that was definitely not the case. Whosoever thought of that must not be thinking, for a good movie in Oscars is Continue reading