Thought on Freedom, Independence Day

I watch a lot of serials. You know that, right?
So, not been writing nothing, just completed “The Wire”. It feels bad though, not writing, but Wire was awesome too, no doubt.


India, or should I say Indians recently celebrated “Independence Day”. It was the 65th time they elevated the essence of the word ‘freedom’.


It is kind of flawed perception though, as to how we perceive ourselves, it’s hard to say, “I’m free”. Nowadays, it’s like all are bound to some social and subtle innuendo of theirs, standing up to the tune of national anthem like they can relate, while all they can think about is something else, important cooking in their head. For the very same reason, I often feel if there’s a point to this repeated day and it’s celebration, and I conclude that there is, yes indeed. Forgive me, if I am not able to come up with a better explanation in the following lines, since guilty I am too.

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To Friendship

Everyone has their own version of friendship.
It’s a self explanatory word though, nothing like it. To set sail in a ship with memories of a friend (physical presence not essential), that’s all.
Talking I’m not good at but convey everyone must, so here it is, appreciate y’all!


and amassing love
dripping from pockets replete
remember always, responsible ain’t me, it’s you.

… his brilliance, his song

A kid, his brilliance, his song.

In this gullible world,
his own song,
like no other.
No chorus,
like alone pushing clues.
Perpetual and seamless,
like ventures unexampled.
Adamant and naive,
unlike ripples in waters
that cease at lands amazement.

And a kid, his brilliance, his song.

In this restrained world,
his own song,
like no other.
Clubbed to a domain,
like his world it is.
Shunned to closet,
like exploration ain’t worth.
Floors won and seated upon
by bosses of sections,
must he crawl stairs to convince all.

And again,
a kid, his brilliance, his song.

Need be,
neither gullible nor restrained,
but receptive.
Need be,
not uncomfortable standing ovation,
to chain of commands,
but allowance to speak.
Need be,
not rejection conducing adamant,
but ear to hear.

And shall rejoice
kid and the world,
and staged bosses,
with his brilliance, his song.

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Here’s to CARE for REAL

Here's to care (walking by night)

Talked with authority,
among untroubled groups.
Prognosticating futurity
of crime stricken grounds.
Braggartly spilling ideas,
protagonist of their tale.
These men.

But then sun departed,
to opposite corridors.
Night swallowed raw,
streets in business.
A girl brutalized,
in the empty suburb.
These men

passing by,
rolled down their eyes
walked away……

I’m always reminded of a quote that changed the way I thought about helping others, more so eradicated the excuses that I made to not care!

– Mother Theresa

Under Influence

They walk,
and I walk along.
I don’t cerebrate
and ask why and where?
Driven by impulse,
I follow,
absent reasons,
absent desires,
just to please,
under influence!

I pretend,
to have apprehended,
routines, customs of many
for may appear obtuse
if I don’t.
Rationality is impaired,
and even if it’s not,
I tend to neglect
for I fear their response,
under influence!

It’s captivating, the world,
beauty, joy on shallow faces,
pretense of relationships,
altering dynamics, hiding
pains, for feeble fools
we are, and adulation by
others pleases more than
our own understanding
of life and felicity,
under influence!

It’s cryptic, but
the keys lie within.
The ‘life of pretend’
a mere escape from self.
The darkest, constant concerns
mere manifestations of
shame and unresolved issues.
I ought to commit to
self exploration whilst
under influence!

For I can, and
to live my “own” life,
and not someone else’s
I must!

Check out this song if you may, I found it’s lyrics so damn fascinating and so poetic, and above all so true. I think Fleet Foxes are very much known for their fine lyrics. Click to Listen 🙂