Two articles centering Apple answer the same question – American Prosperity (iEconomy)


I hope you’re following the iEconomy series by New York Times.

The first article begins to answer a question by President Obama, “Why not manufacture in U.S.,” and the second article digs deep into troubled work environment witnessed in several factories in China, suppliers to many of the tech giants. On one hand, the ability to meet orders, as specified by the growing industry, scalability, and endless technical workforce add unparalleled value , but on other hand the uncomfortable revelations purport a picture as bleak and regretful as it gets.

For a mere spectator, the problem is hard to find, for everybody is happy. The global consumer is happy because the gadgets they ought to buy are cheaper, better and faster. The American companies are happy because demand for their product is surging high, and they find themselves capable to provide for those who wish to own. Also, extracting profits for the same by tightening the supply chain is manageable. Continue reading

What worries about Cricket in India


There are many things going wrong with Indian Cricket, period. The overseas defeats, seven in a row, nobody wanted and believe me the Cricketers themselves must be devastated, for raining onto them are awful reviews of their own misfortunes. In India, Cricket is a fast paced game, and it does not matter if its test or ODI. The tidings of a win sweep the sub-continent effortlessly, and a loss is more so rapidly conversed. It’s more of a balance scale, a tarazu if you may, that never attains a state of equilibrium. If the team wins, the weight of fans on one pan is so overwhelming that prospects of Indian Cricket and cricketers at the other end, reach Mount K2, however that does not last long, for a loss makes them the fastest sliders in the world, as if fans at one end kept jumping off the pan, and putting “to be blamed” entities on the other simultaneously, inverting it altogether. Continue reading

War Horse Review


War Horse is not just a story, but more precisely a journey that approaches World War I with an outlook more so endearing. It’s a pity that Michael Morpugo’s novel written back in 1982 never came to limelight until now, however much was known to those theater enthusiasts who might have glanced upon the adopted theatrical version of the book, run by National Theater in London since 2007, featuring puppets, as it went on to arrest universal acclaim. Apart from the book, designated as a Steven Spielberg‘s film, the movie flares with well fabricated warfare. It certainly is among the best movies of 2011 and all those who have already listed the best of 2011, need append. Continue reading

Beginning it is, not new


The day is done,
sun ain’t momently lost
to the mirky clouds,
it has set.

At tomorrow’s daybreak,
whilst shall rise just as before
sun’s mien shall connote
not just another day,
rather a whimsical foray,
for nous wanders,
to the year that was,
calling past to better rescue
future that flavors lost.

Crowd at square,
brave-hearts at club,
have commenced countdown,
to services of unseen time,
gracing, acknowledging arrival,
trusting futurity, and in it, self,
clung to smattering resolutions,
caressing celebratory today,
like tomorrow’s sunshine
would remedy drabness
of cluttered corners,
just like that!

but wager I will
on this creature of jubilation,
better their act,
unlike darn solitary brains
confined to past,
pains they sob over,
unable to shed off.

beginning it is, not new,
all called for is another view.

Merry Christmas


Chirk up! Chirk up!
Roll in the rhythm,
let lips hymn,
tune in thy hands,
can’t hear clack,
louder I tell you!

Reasons don’t matter,
its sound that heals,
cooked in music,
reigning reechoing caroling.
Compelling are delicacies,
from abode, food and thought,
And let be the nativity,
but don’t branch off!

Twined are thy heads,
to the jingle bells,
kids relented chipper,
to this nightly glare.
Come in now Santa,
for the mood is set,
behold thy thrill,
for Christmas attends!

Is religious rigidity barring possible Utopia


“…. and there will be a place, unlike any other that has been. A place of great resourcefulness, of people who would live as they should, of leaders who will wear a cloak of responsibility, of thinkers who will think of peers. A place of science, of rational acknowledgment, of men and women alike, harboring the perfect blend of socialism and capitalism. A place confining to nature’s aroma, naturalizing in realm an ideal society, a place called Utopia, the answer to world peace.”

Though most would rejoice at an opportunity called Utopia, others would be appalled with the mere consideration of such an idea. Though most would agree that the primitive age that lacked technological aid, was closest to an Utopia mankind every had, others would strike down such an assumption on mere basis of it being a place, that the rest of the world did not know about, nor did they of the world, for the world was as big as their stamina to walk and surf, and their utopia as primitive and uninterrupted as the their civilization. Though there exists disparity in opinions, it requires no asking that the place mankind wishes to reach is an Utopia, with technological marvel, right by the bedside, but then why does it seem such an imaginary thought and classifies as utter ridicule.

The world saga does reflect abundantly as to why Utopia is a far fetched thought. The latest being a likely ban on Bhagavad-Gita, a Hindu scripture, in Russia. Continue reading

The stumbling LOKPAL crusade


It’s been 8 months since it first came up, a man on indefinite hunger strike, filling weight into the idea of a Jan Lokpal Bill, cradling what has now become an unprecedented expansion of opinions and beliefs, the Indian Anti-Corruption Movement. It was not that the thought was whimsical, for the agitations favoring this generic vision had been; but reaction and support at this hour were more comforting, prevailing like an adamant uprising, and so, the bubble of structured corruption stacked in present unstructured social knowhow, popped, for everyone to throw stones upon.


The present scenario is a catastrophe, not for what has been achieved but for what must be achieved. The Indian Government, and Activists are two sides, fighting to introduce their own version of Lokpal, whilst a citizen in commotion wonders if at all an ideal Lokpal is a possibility, and if it is, what Lokpal might that be, and to further add to the confusion, a bunch of political parties with opinions ranging from personal profiteering, opportunism to public goodwill, tip toe with their collateral, assuring maximum purchase with conversational gambits. Continue reading