WikiLeaks and INDIA


Wiki-leaks, is a non-profit organization that has gained unprecedented popularity as it began exposing the US diplomatic cables. The editor-in-chief for Wikileaks, Julian Assange believes that the disclosure of millions of classified documents over the years has asserted the ill-practices of Governments of various countries to the people and hence, revealed the true face of international diplomacy. The efforts of Assange have been praised for advocating the freedom relinquishing from press and hence, fortify transparency. However, they have also been mulled negatively mainly by the US government for exposing confidential and prudent information.

The Hindu has been accessing the cables relating to India as retrieved from Wikileaks. The cables are mere information propagated to US by US Diplomat in India as referred by the person to whom it may concern. There have been a number of references to India such as in relation with Iran, Pakistan, US itself and India’s democratic and political platform exposed. Let’s see in brief some of the most significant cables that changed the course of news in the country till date.

  • The most hype of the wiki-leaks Indian cables was the stance of opposition party i.e., BJP on the learned information that Congress in order to win the elections had bought votes by paying off crores of money to MP’s of opposition parties. The matter had earlier cooled down as no evidence to the suggested claim had been found but with the blast from Wikileaks, the topic got hot again. The Bhartia Janta Party demanded resignation of Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, on the basis of such vivid assertions, but BJP too was struck back as an other cable from wikileaks claimed BJP showed double standards on the nuclear liability bill and further accused BJP of not taking international matters seriously. Such a conjuncture exempted Congress from the rampant BJP and thus, BJP was forced to request probe into wikileaks cable.
  • The next destabilization was for the young gun Rahul Gandhi as it came out that he considered Hindu extremist groups more dangerous than Islamic terrorists Continue reading

India a Banana Republic?

The poem is directed onto the latest trends in India, politically and socially


What’s with the crazy?
India a Banana Republic!

Was it the 2G scam?
a minister and a deluge of
corporate douchebags,
addressing resignation, socked
with impeding trials.

Was it the Commonwealth Game scam?
a corrupt Kalmadi and some
shitty deals,
possibly sacked, accounted
for hypnotic management.

Was it Adarsh Housing Scam?
likes of Chavan, Army Chiefs
capsized war veteran’s reservation,
placid inquiries of sham
occupants coveted to vacate.

Is it the money stashed abroad?
incompetence of government
to converse, recognize and recite,
‘damn confidentiality treaties’, they say,
$460bn lost, since free rein.

Contemplating from the scams, Are we?
probing corruption, but Ponder,
reiterate past,
for it is the answer to unasked,
featured in it’s belly, Telgi, Fodder,
Hawala, lie and blubber,
events came to pass,
media rattled off and sledged
story to bottoms, and
citizens stood, sat on tunes of priority,
forgetting ‘not to forget’ until absolved,
to apply media to inform masses,
post up front page until resolved.

We failed our nation, we ducked
though bouncer was not on us,
they scored, kept a billion down.
A colossal state, fruitful growth,
judiciary tacking answers, activists
brooding anomalies, necessitating
resolutions, condemning
secrecy, influencing decisions,
are we going Bananas?
are we unstable, ruled by self-elected
obnoxious monopolies, dictated and
suppressed by the rich, are we an autocracy?
I guess NO, I hope not!
we could have asked repeatedly until time,
could have ablated secrecy,
not have given bribes, neither accepted,
could have stood up, because we can,
and, united we should!

Up this time, are we?
excogitating, not influenced by
opportunists instead participating,
up with Anna and Baba for comprehended
rights, have we understood?
I hope so!
That a movement broached
least concerns wrong-doers, but
unites to vouch for common place,
common goal, to refuse shrewd
attributions and dissolve contempt.

Arise, arise to take part,
and not part away!

 “Dictatorship, Autocracy, and Despotism”