TiME is mYsteRiouS . . . believe me



Does it happen to you? Sitting in a classroom, listening to a professor, jotting down notes and down goes my head, for a second or two, and then it happens again, and again until the end of class.

Seriously, did you get that?
Oh come on! That was me napping in the middle of a lecture.

Even though the time frame of my sleep was so small practically, I felt rejuvenated after that seconds long nap, that time definitely elongated for me (as I think about it now, may be ‘Inception‘ was true, may be a 1 min reality could be 1 hour dream).  On the contrary, some lectures end very quickly, without me anxiously looking at the clock. Although, I do find it vague and utterly discouraging, that when I look at the clock more often, the time seems to pass quite slow, contrary to when I don’t look, but then again if I think about the clock even though not looking, it will punish me for even thinking and move slow nevertheless. I call it the ‘Mystery of  Time’.

People say its all to do with my interest in the subject under study. So, why does my mind do that, why does it not work in the same fourth dimension as time, or, does it manifest some other dimension in itself. Oh, lets hold that thought for sometime and think about it. Nah, I’m just kidding, I would not pull that trick on you, you were kind enough to read it till this point, I won’t dare scare you off like that.

The Big Bang Theory


‘The Big Bang Theory’ – an American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre is an excellent show and perhaps the very best of comedies currently on television. The writing and the subsequent plots  in particular are quite impressive, pitching scientific theories and literal annotations to the major part of non-scientific community, highlighting humor in such obvious manner. Also, one’s got to love the vanity cards of Chuck Lorre at the end of the show, better pause and read it. They are simply awesome, smart and humorous. The irony is bewitching. Further, visiting his site made it quite clear as to why the character Sheldon is so superb, only Chuck with his detailed insight and clever mindset could have pulled it off, not that Jim Parsons did any less of a job.

The show deals with daily acts of four friends and their neighbor Penny, a waitress, aspiring to be an actress. It is a total package of wit, humor, romance, stupidity, understanding and friendship (3 strikes huh!).

You cannot miss it for all you get.

The genius of Sheldon who is a  total package of knowledge but no wisdom, far far away from the social incumbency. It is quite hilarious when he cannot catch sarcasm, and the practical pranks he plays. You are gonna love the occasional faces, and who could forget the room agreement.

The understanding and innocence of Leonard. The guy does well to put up with a room mate who is undoubtedly the biggest freak show, and is essentially the glue that binds them all together.

The subtle remarks of Howard. The one I like most is in reference to Penny – See a penny, pick her up and all the day you will have good luck. Great bond with mother he got there, although mother has never been seen.

The common sense of Penny and definitely the only sex appeal in the series. The only cherry to the otherwise not so delicious pastry. She indeed presses onto the obvious, that even thought the show might circumvent around geeks but in itself is understandable and fun.

And of course Rajesh. What can I say, I adore him, not just because he brings a lot of Indian spice to table but also because of the precious words that fade away in presence of a gal.

The series would go on and so it must. Great television series, definitely the best of its kind. It does not fail to surprise. And the characters, pack enough in their arsenal to roast my head off. A must see!


The poem is accredited to” The Thursday Think Tank“. Writing a poem, untitled, empty mind, no pre-plan, just accord with as-said time.


TIME throttling my MIND


Setting clock for divvied time,
with passing seconds, forget the rhyme,
in summers of blistering sun, chained,
free rein, breeze at last, today it rained,
oh! yes, I’m alive, let me text a friend,
no Armageddon to world’s end,
had planned “cold steel” ere bed,
watched “water for elephants” instead,
world of circus, life’s poignant scent,
“stallions of steel” on hold, at present,
but my mind, empty like puppet’s,
owing to winging hour, subduing brainy circuits,
cannot tattle anymore, unparalleled score,
rent me some more, I will talk, for sure!

Two LOVE poems, Opposite Angles

Today, I wish to write two poems,  both on love, but somehow they conflict.


  • This one discards the “love at sight”, taking into aspect that love grows with time, from attraction to love. It resides in a relation, can be any, not just the one in your mind.

Love is not, the first sight
mere persuasion, fed attractions
blinding night vouches no fictions

relation, no delight but alright,
ages grows, heart distant echoes
love grazes relative delight

ripens with times, alike billions
love asks not, the first sight.

  • This one seemingly is a dream, compelled by contact of eyes with a girl. There has been no interaction by speech, just the sight, but the image has been registered for ever.

Closing my eyes, appears thy face
the first sight, your deep blue eyes
meeting mine, syncs lovable ties

smiles my heart, nonpareil grace,
moment thusly surreal, dream seems real
iterating, not to erase

sigh at absence, truth applies
open eyes, still appears thy face.

Linking to Friday Poetically
and trying out octain again.

What is DESIRE?

What is desire?
is it,
the reason I aspire,
on my life, a satire,
calculated, envisioned tomorrow’s self,
temptation, longing to see “there” myself,
an ambition as tastes success,
an avocation as not gold,
hope as today is bleak,
dream as it is forgotten,
trust as credited past,
envy as emotions crumble,
love as it’s binding,
lust as attraction’s blind,
generosity as not crippled by self loathing,
greed as enough’s not warranted,
adjustment as survival is compelling,
stagnant as loss shadows success,
a compliance to deadly sins,
a submission to the grace of God.


As I go back slow and steadily,
for I may immerse in those distinctive memories,
for they are endearing, joyous, captivating, in my mind.
A lot appears to riposte as bits and pieces,
By and large, they are vivid expressions
precluding me from digging deep,
for I may lose the grasp, and get lost
repleted with nothing but sadness and unneeded ghost.

Keeping the mind at ease,
riveting myself to what seems to please,
I can see, the faces, the expressions of the known
the saga they perpetuate,
exhilarated, I relive the moment as it seems to pass.
Cannot change it, the already set path
for if I do, the moment looks to wither
afraid to lose, I play along, the replay like a safe song.

As I cruse along, the high and low
appreciating the old, rich, persistently, I flow
embracing it, as if real,
subservient to the thought, I move along.
and when it ends, I come rushing back,
a smile pops up my face, ecstatic
I attend to myself, and say it out loud
‘Great DAY, without Doubt’.