A Carefree dream

It ought to be Sunday,
or, a Monday, probably!

Precisely, just another day,
unusual becoming usual.

earth alight on morning rings,
sleepless trees kissing winds,
nightly passage big on wings
to fly, elude, take distant lift,
for carked times are thing of past,
last night saw it last,
for eyes to wake will be far,
seeking dreams honeyed they are!

present times are wailing back,
theories of past echoing aback,
point is little in going back,
its just, dreams end, a drawback.

tho’ the realm stays alike,
eyes now kindle in delight,
hidden flights to usual tale,
redes, mind off mundane,
for did ride a mind carefree,
in a dream maybe.


Image Credit: John Yato

Two LOVE poems, Opposite Angles

Today, I wish to write two poems,  both on love, but somehow they conflict.


  • This one discards the “love at sight”, taking into aspect that love grows with time, from attraction to love. It resides in a relation, can be any, not just the one in your mind.

Love is not, the first sight
mere persuasion, fed attractions
blinding night vouches no fictions

relation, no delight but alright,
ages grows, heart distant echoes
love grazes relative delight

ripens with times, alike billions
love asks not, the first sight.

  • This one seemingly is a dream, compelled by contact of eyes with a girl. There has been no interaction by speech, just the sight, but the image has been registered for ever.

Closing my eyes, appears thy face
the first sight, your deep blue eyes
meeting mine, syncs lovable ties

smiles my heart, nonpareil grace,
moment thusly surreal, dream seems real
iterating, not to erase

sigh at absence, truth applies
open eyes, still appears thy face.

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