Why did they make this TV Series?


The best part about great television shows and movies is the idea they present to the viewing audience of a life which would be lively, an escape from reality to a world they aspire to know and experience.

Of-course, when I say so, I mean TV series, more on lines of Friends, Dexter, Fringe etc., and not TV shows literally, for instance The Tonight’s Show, American Idol, etc.

Television industry is huge and so are the innumerable (just saying, I know they do approximate) fans who devotee vital part of their time in the fantasy or virtual reality. And the best part, is that it will not even matter or change anything if they don’t. I know they don’t exist as such, may be they are just pretending, but I think I’m interested in what they have to say and may be they got me, the makers of this huge entertainment business.

When someone tells you a story, short or long, they make characters and assign roles. These two things, let’s say ‘parameters’ are vital to the listener and the story, as the listener can relate to it without thinking, since it would require nothing not known but just recollecting something already known. For instance, if I tell a story and say “Mike is a librarian”, one starts picturing or at-least I will, any librarian I know of. Some basic traits and objects come naturally such as books, avid reader, helping, good listener, focused, etc. This very first impression is registered, so if you know of a librarian and apprehend the job well enough, you would wonder what this librarian is capable of, you might find it absurd, challenging to accept, unique, acceptable and so many things as you see it. At this stage, one might stop watching any further for it’s absurd, or may be wait for the next move for it is interesting or in a hope that it will get better. On another note, if you don’t know of a Continue reading

500 Days of Summer


Ever gotten bored doing the same thing over and over, listening to the same concepts of life always, pile of rhetorics buttered with voices where the only difference among them are the damn voices. Well, whatever your answer, you are bound to adore the Indie flick, “500 Days of Summer.”

Let’s hope the preceding lines didn’t throw you off the track.
What I was going for, was to put it out there, the word ‘newness.’ Insanely common it does sound to the majority of us, since we have always wanted a newer beginning, or a newer end, a change of technology and precisely a change of perspective. The idea of ‘newness’ is so alluring that mind genuinely drifts off to a bunch of imaginative glimpses, possibly a creation of our mental research. Although, you might accept that even though you are quick to think and explore this newer perspective that has presented itself, you fail to imbibe it in reality. You cumbered by your own defense mechanism, generate scenarios where the change that you seek would not work, and to discourage yourself is all you Continue reading

Long Live the Friends


“Friends” was the first series I ever saw, even before Seinfeld. The show seemed ordinary at first, to be specific the first season, but then it really blew me away. I am not sure what was it, whether it was the script, the characters, or the fact that I envisioned having similar bond with my friends. The first season, was more traditional, you can guess from the music, and their acting, but it was still nice compared to any that featured in the similar genre, such as Party of Five, Chicago Hope, My so called Life, The Vicar of Dibley etc. It was the second season when I saw the characters and thought that they exist, this could be true, its no fiction, I must find myself some of these friends. Continue reading

Rockstar Review


Rockstar is tale of a wanna-be Jim Morrison, who took refuge in walks of pain, draped within his own cubicle, blustered in a long film with little substance. The movie begins at a shopping spree of fans, awaiting Jordan to rampage the stage with rattling music, whilst he for some reason remains occupied with cops, and we thereby register a flashback. Well, not really, more of a fresh start after some soothing music, and the preceding few minutes might just have been a glimpse into the very core of characterization.

The story essentially revolves around Janardhan Jakhar, a naive, unrecognized artist J.J. becoming Jordan, his domineering, implusive self. The transition as shown is no walk in a park, but is rather complicated for a typical heart-inflicted Bollywood movie. Nargis Fakhri playing Heer alongside Ranbir as Jordan, is chronically the pain that J.J. was supposed to bear to find true vigor for art, in perfect agreement with histories of greats, as far as they go. In quick succession, from being friends, to her departure to Prague, and the lonely, family barred J.J. moving through some unsettling time, finding art and reclaiming at last a chance to visit Heer in Prague, are the glimpses that shall pass by within minutes, but in a narrative tone are most structured in the whole story. In-between lie beautiful valleys, snow covered mountains of Kashmir, beautiful music laden Dargha in Delhi that lessens the passing time. However, story after is rather slow, attending heavily to mood-swings and intimate delicacies. The movement for most parts is passive hereafter, with typical Bollywood monologue that caters to their relationship. Disease, touch of magic, mending pain are added benefits by Imtiaz Ali to exceed possible time frame and yet so easily find an unconvincing, lost end.

To not praise A.R. Rahman would be a mistake, for he did very well for the music. The acting department was held high for most parts, however Nargis assisted by a dubbing artist is not all convincing and only in the end does one seem to find some normalcy. On the contrary, Ranbir found himself an exceptional act and character which he justified promptly. The past story which laid more significance seemed rushed, further rushed was romance, while the latter accounted for a misguided end. The most striking distinction in the movie, was of the character, who heart-broken, does not assort to drugs to find solace but is driven by pain, a rather psychological explanation for the extreme rage. Although not explicitly implied, the intrusion of media and sky-rocketing bad conversance of an artist to earn him a bad reputation can be taken upon as a subtle message.

The movie is above average, all credit to its music and fierce acting by Ranbir Kapoor. There are multiple loopholes and as far as the end goes, I for once did think about possibility of a sequel for it ended quite abruptly, but still it was entertainment.
So by all means, go get rocked by the Rockstar in a hard way!

The Big Bang Theory


‘The Big Bang Theory’ – an American sitcom created by Chuck Lorre is an excellent show and perhaps the very best of comedies currently on television. The writing and the subsequent plots  in particular are quite impressive, pitching scientific theories and literal annotations to the major part of non-scientific community, highlighting humor in such obvious manner. Also, one’s got to love the vanity cards of Chuck Lorre at the end of the show, better pause and read it. They are simply awesome, smart and humorous. The irony is bewitching. Further, visiting his site made it quite clear as to why the character Sheldon is so superb, only Chuck with his detailed insight and clever mindset could have pulled it off, not that Jim Parsons did any less of a job.

The show deals with daily acts of four friends and their neighbor Penny, a waitress, aspiring to be an actress. It is a total package of wit, humor, romance, stupidity, understanding and friendship (3 strikes huh!).

You cannot miss it for all you get.

The genius of Sheldon who is a  total package of knowledge but no wisdom, far far away from the social incumbency. It is quite hilarious when he cannot catch sarcasm, and the practical pranks he plays. You are gonna love the occasional faces, and who could forget the room agreement.

The understanding and innocence of Leonard. The guy does well to put up with a room mate who is undoubtedly the biggest freak show, and is essentially the glue that binds them all together.

The subtle remarks of Howard. The one I like most is in reference to Penny – See a penny, pick her up and all the day you will have good luck. Great bond with mother he got there, although mother has never been seen.

The common sense of Penny and definitely the only sex appeal in the series. The only cherry to the otherwise not so delicious pastry. She indeed presses onto the obvious, that even thought the show might circumvent around geeks but in itself is understandable and fun.

And of course Rajesh. What can I say, I adore him, not just because he brings a lot of Indian spice to table but also because of the precious words that fade away in presence of a gal.

The series would go on and so it must. Great television series, definitely the best of its kind. It does not fail to surprise. And the characters, pack enough in their arsenal to roast my head off. A must see!