Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Celebrating HOPE

Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo Ole originally sung by Judy Garland.

I have listened to this whenever I was happy, whenever sadness swept away my very desires, whenever I felt torn down, whenever I lacked sense of imagination, I listened to it, paraphrasing its every word, taking what I can and doing what I must, and always in the due course, a smile felt on my face and I was building dreams again.

I am an optimist, if you ask me what kind of poet I wish to be (if I ever qualify as one), I would be the poet of hope, even in the most hopeless moments, I cannot stop reflect hope because I am afraid, world will never be the same without my only valued tool.

Revelations of fragmented sorrow
panned out across the sphere
a turgid crusade sweeping the gallows
I wish to betray the absenteeism
I wish to endorse the excruciations
for logistics are flawed
for time is vague, and endless
for there lies clouded in darkest regimes
keys to gateways amid horrid eclipse
I wish to entrust the synergy in act
ascribe to the domiciliary caves
for reciprocal aid is obligatory
and diffusion, beyond conscious learning.

Rambling, discursive, enveloping rationality
inclined to debate on natural order
speculating the ordeals of emigrating birds
the sun, stars, land, water and entire eternity
spoofing the riches, failing to comply
I wish to discover but not hinder
I wish to smile along but not possess
for stars shimmer, sun parts with all
for my birth right excoriates control
for relevance subdued is inhibition
I wish to envisage the realm
deserted of avarice, of corrupted souls
for hope appeals my intellect every treasured moment.

POETRY POTLUCK- Inspired by a Song

To Start Over [sonnet]

I came across a Sonnet on some blog yesterday, I thought I should write one. I don’t know if its apt, but I loved to explore this new form. To find all relevant information on sonnets with exampled substance, click here.


Beguiled, held in symphony of cosmos
pursuing the treasured candid luminance
men incline to partake, far from rimose
behind mountains, therein lies life’s essence.

limning notion, with coupled attributions
men prescribe to escape incited by hope
spread of orange, hovering over burdens
to seek, “present” abandoned they elope.

but awaits gravy, long deserted road
probing sun to die, soon, night to overhaul
time belittled, start awaits, faith borrowed
they move, to deter “present” still stands tall.

Dearth of hours, to redeem, shall prevail
not relying on clouded shackles, over that sail.



I don’t remember when I derailed,
from the melancholy of life,
it seemed so, the life at that point.
Inciting the fun and frolic,
for joy repleted in the “moment”,
not thinking about future period,
“not a chess genius”, crying silly excuses.
In the smaller segments,
operated like a spectator,
never involved in the game (playing),
sitting on the sidelines, praying.
The inevitable fall raised the guilt,
and its constant being adaptable,
tripping down the ladder,
trying to climb back, but the failure
disheartened, rendered actions slow,
on the fast lane, with a bicycle,
still polluting my soul.
Bankrupt of my riches,
possible omission of success, on the mind,
foreclosed the chases,
but I realize,
the emptiness, fear, laziness, sloth,
as I write to you today,
trying to change tracks, mend ways,
still on bicycle,
moving slow may be, but forward,
not expecting change immediate, today, but days after, possibly tomorrow.