Two articles centering Apple answer the same question – American Prosperity (iEconomy)


I hope you’re following the iEconomy series by New York Times.

The first article begins to answer a question by President Obama, “Why not manufacture in U.S.,” and the second article digs deep into troubled work environment witnessed in several factories in China, suppliers to many of the tech giants. On one hand, the ability to meet orders, as specified by the growing industry, scalability, and endless technical workforce add unparalleled value , but on other hand the uncomfortable revelations purport a picture as bleak and regretful as it gets.

For a mere spectator, the problem is hard to find, for everybody is happy. The global consumer is happy because the gadgets they ought to buy are cheaper, better and faster. The American companies are happy because demand for their product is surging high, and they find themselves capable to provide for those who wish to own. Also, extracting profits for the same by tightening the supply chain is manageable. Continue reading