All Nerves, No Game

T 20 World Cup India vs Bangladesh

“Things have a tendency to go south if you believe they will.”

That’s probably what happened to Bangladesh in the last over. Needing 2 runs of 3 balls to going nowhere. That is just losing nerves. Superb last ball, an elegant sprint and hat-trick of wickets had all the nerves. However, it was never India; they did not do it right this game. Batsmen did not flow, bowlers found hard to contain and fielders just could not hold on. It was mayhem. From being the favorites, to struggling against Bangladesh, in their own backyard seems hard to digest. “What the margin of win will be?”, was the only question any Indian was asking, because nobody thought it be 1 run. It was at best an attempt to better Net run rate. It was indeed the best of games for cricket fans and thanks to the result, Indian Cricket Team may be spared of widespread criticism but they sure deserve it.

“Form is temporary, class is permanent.” No one argues there but a comfortable win asks of both. Indian Cricket Team is capable, that’s class but they seem jittery on the form front. It makes me skeptical on their chances to win World Cup T20. If it weren’t for Kohli and Dhoni, they’d trail. I came across an insightful article that talks of Form and how to sustain it. If instincts can translate to measured performance. With enough analytics pressing the game, preparation is to capitalize on strengths and circumvent weakness, to be aware and exploit, to practice towards its realization. Form is identified over a period and for this period “T20WC”, we are short on Form and need it badly.

Openers in general are hard hitting batsmen, more into boundaries, kind of short on time. Sehwag come to mind. This T20WC, they have either gone early or just sacrificed on run rate, there exists little timing or conviction against good bowling attack. That’s worrying given it has been 3 games already and the saga continues. Kohli is a great Number 3 but how much dependent do you wanna be and bet a win on his performance every single game. Raina and Yuvraj entice us with their potential but I hope we see it soon. I see them contribute but they are not convincing enough. Dhoni down the order is a glimmer of hope and we need it much. Don’t expect much of Pandya and Jadeja, they just push the agenda, it isn’t coming since few matches from the top order. On the bowling front, Bumrah is good find and he continues to impress. We were never a great seam attack so never have I ever been unreal, but its good to know that we have been clinical given Indian Team has been the most economical this year. Ashwin’s spell was a treat to watch in the game versus Bangladesh. Jadeja is impressive and quite productive. Fielding has become our forte and it is perfectly acceptable to drop a few if you don’t make a habit of it.

In the shorter format, you have little time to settle, you are expected to go big very soon but does come with a silver lining that even one partnership is enough many a times. The current Indian Team is apt on paper but it is failing on field. Is it fare to expect a T20WC from them on those lines? They did do it in Australia and Asia Cup, but what keeps us hoping that they continue? If it were left to their form, I wouldn’t bet on it. But it isn’t the form, is it? It is their class, their potential, that keeps us at it.

I do hope they are preparing enough to that end. They for sure need it.

What worries about Cricket in India


There are many things going wrong with Indian Cricket, period. The overseas defeats, seven in a row, nobody wanted and believe me the Cricketers themselves must be devastated, for raining onto them are awful reviews of their own misfortunes. In India, Cricket is a fast paced game, and it does not matter if its test or ODI. The tidings of a win sweep the sub-continent effortlessly, and a loss is more so rapidly conversed. It’s more of a balance scale, a tarazu if you may, that never attains a state of equilibrium. If the team wins, the weight of fans on one pan is so overwhelming that prospects of Indian Cricket and cricketers at the other end, reach Mount K2, however that does not last long, for a loss makes them the fastest sliders in the world, as if fans at one end kept jumping off the pan, and putting “to be blamed” entities on the other simultaneously, inverting it altogether. Continue reading

Is religious rigidity barring possible Utopia


“…. and there will be a place, unlike any other that has been. A place of great resourcefulness, of people who would live as they should, of leaders who will wear a cloak of responsibility, of thinkers who will think of peers. A place of science, of rational acknowledgment, of men and women alike, harboring the perfect blend of socialism and capitalism. A place confining to nature’s aroma, naturalizing in realm an ideal society, a place called Utopia, the answer to world peace.”

Though most would rejoice at an opportunity called Utopia, others would be appalled with the mere consideration of such an idea. Though most would agree that the primitive age that lacked technological aid, was closest to an Utopia mankind every had, others would strike down such an assumption on mere basis of it being a place, that the rest of the world did not know about, nor did they of the world, for the world was as big as their stamina to walk and surf, and their utopia as primitive and uninterrupted as the their civilization. Though there exists disparity in opinions, it requires no asking that the place mankind wishes to reach is an Utopia, with technological marvel, right by the bedside, but then why does it seem such an imaginary thought and classifies as utter ridicule.

The world saga does reflect abundantly as to why Utopia is a far fetched thought. The latest being a likely ban on Bhagavad-Gita, a Hindu scripture, in Russia. Continue reading

WikiLeaks and INDIA


Wiki-leaks, is a non-profit organization that has gained unprecedented popularity as it began exposing the US diplomatic cables. The editor-in-chief for Wikileaks, Julian Assange believes that the disclosure of millions of classified documents over the years has asserted the ill-practices of Governments of various countries to the people and hence, revealed the true face of international diplomacy. The efforts of Assange have been praised for advocating the freedom relinquishing from press and hence, fortify transparency. However, they have also been mulled negatively mainly by the US government for exposing confidential and prudent information.

The Hindu has been accessing the cables relating to India as retrieved from Wikileaks. The cables are mere information propagated to US by US Diplomat in India as referred by the person to whom it may concern. There have been a number of references to India such as in relation with Iran, Pakistan, US itself and India’s democratic and political platform exposed. Let’s see in brief some of the most significant cables that changed the course of news in the country till date.

  • The most hype of the wiki-leaks Indian cables was the stance of opposition party i.e., BJP on the learned information that Congress in order to win the elections had bought votes by paying off crores of money to MP’s of opposition parties. The matter had earlier cooled down as no evidence to the suggested claim had been found but with the blast from Wikileaks, the topic got hot again. The Bhartia Janta Party demanded resignation of Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, on the basis of such vivid assertions, but BJP too was struck back as an other cable from wikileaks claimed BJP showed double standards on the nuclear liability bill and further accused BJP of not taking international matters seriously. Such a conjuncture exempted Congress from the rampant BJP and thus, BJP was forced to request probe into wikileaks cable.
  • The next destabilization was for the young gun Rahul Gandhi as it came out that he considered Hindu extremist groups more dangerous than Islamic terrorists Continue reading

Take Flight With Colour

Why must somethings be black & white, let’s open doors to colours and imagine their depth

The composition, creation of our world, and evolution of our being have dealt with colors. From the old ages to modern, with open eyes, from day’s start to it’s end, working, and finally closing eyes, comforting, we are bound to the aroma of colors. Our lives have been so deeply infused with and subjected to their presence, that imagination is paralyzed without them, words lose meaning and pictures appear impossible.


The world has been disintegrated into two pragmatic approaches, colored and black&white. Although nothing around us that exists can be bracketed to such circles of entailment, we in our own language, have devised these approaches to define the world, and lure in the system “SYMBOLISM”. Since, nothing has remained untouched and even if it is not a part of our evergreen set of known colors, we have managed to drive our brains to find the essential combinations, shades and methods to identify, and further synthesize these unknown colors and brand them names to ascertain their existence and addition to our “evergreen” set. As I go back in time (yes, time traveling), I find how we began interpreting their being, proclaiming their usage as symbols. For instance, black symbolizing darkness and submission, white symbolizing peace and purity. Further, we conferred, black as evil and white as good or prosperous. Such an assertion is predominantly based on the contrasting effect that the two colors present to the viewer, how black like a hole swallows every color on earth vanishing its existence, and on similar level, white brightens and further adds to the visual appeal of any color on earth, it even stays same for the evil black, symbolizing the good that does not blemish evil, instead presents it with a chance same as all other existent.

I am still in those old times. You do remember, I time traveled, right?


I am in a boat, in waters, viewing this incredible “Old North Wharf” located on Nantucket Harbor. I see the beautiful houses, capped with reddish-brown, blue roofs, distinct windows, lightened white walls with light shades of brown, very light, standing tall on this seemingly translucent spread of water. The overall outlook of the place this day is vibrant, I am caught up in the moment, looking. The blue skies, smaller clustered white clouds are still, as I await the dusk that shall part me from the glory that the place bestows. Without wasting any time, I take my camera and capture the moment, hoping to secure my vision, the beauty forever but now as I see the picture, it appears bleak, its black&white with shades of gray all over the place. It is the same place but it is not, not to me, the house looks old, looks like history, that does not help me to relive it and so I blame the technology of those days. It’s not that I don’t like black&white, it does add distinction to the image, but it’s not what I was hoping to remember, it’s not the art I am interested in, it is indeed the place itself, just the way it is, just the way I wanted it to be, I would have preferred a colored outlook.


Well then, it’s good that I have this modern camera that can take colored pictures, I did tell you I am time traveling. I took the picture again, this time it is vibrant with all I saw and as I see it, I am mesmerized and compelled to visit the place again.

A distinction I realize resides in the colored and black&white approaches, each has it’s place but latter has become a niche of some, while the former is primitive to many. I told you, I am not against black&white but urge to fill life with colors does not let me absent it’s astounding presence, to draw nature as it is supposed to be, as it is supposed to be remembered. The black&white portraits, movie shots often describe the historic times, further the pictures often have an unhappy vibe about them, somehow when we are in this generation of technological advancement where restrictions have been crossed, to provide photographers, cameramen with tools to contemplate real life, is an initiative which human society itself adopted and began uploading their pieces and instances of life to sites like Flickr, however some still practice the art of black&white expressing their views, for they tend to relate to them better.

Coveted corners of color psychology,
traveling along the perceptual stimulus,
I recognize, I understand
their appeal, charm, what they claim,
how black, powerful, dark and submissive,
how white, clean, vulnerable and pure,
how these two, unparalleled, join forces
to comply with saturation,
representing all, in black&white.

But are they absent or neglected?
dimensions I fail to attend,
why sunset, red eclipsing blue skies,
why trees, green and prosperous,
why her blue eyes, possessing depth,
have been shaded in gray.
I would have preferred, elements coupled,
reflecting delights, anguish, in subtext
of world as we know it.

One place that has remained untouched by colored associations, is the Newspaper. The ink of black on white sheets is dominant in many papers, but the reason to such a stand is quite clear. This has nothing to do with the technology, at-least not after 1990, nor does it concern itself with art, the  only reason is cost. The mechanism to infuse colored photographs implies greater costs, which is neither favorable nor beneficial to the customer and the newspaper itself. However, the possibility of coloring the newspaper, with colored photographs picking up, has led to changes and their being  has gained unprecedented success, which brings us to newspapers on special occasions, weekly supplements and latest, hot, trendy, colorful magazines, be it political, sports, technological, featuring lively pictures that gain attention.




But it remains a commercial landscape, they are bound to comply to the ideas of profit and minimization of expenses. But, when we are concerned, the amateur photographers, we see how quickly the transition has surfaced. Black&white is bygone for the common people, they have adopted to the totality of colored proportions, an era of black&white infused with all possible colors we can comprehend.

If you talk to me about my choices of colors, you might see a lot of yellow, red,  and blue, with black&white. I have always applauded black&white for the contrast, for the clarity they depict, you cannot misunderstand or lose any corner, but when they are further imbued with many others, it becomes magical but for me to like, it has to be decent, it has to be clean, it has to be white. If you have noticed, white goes with anything, but something appeals more. So, you pick up that something and turn it into ‘your thing’. It very much defines you, even though we don’t recognize, even though sometimes our choices are restrained by available choices, but still what we have, is the best possible thing we have liked, we have kept, given our urge to experiment with colors. As for me, I seriously am a child, and may be you are too. I am certain, even though I have passed teen years, I still possess those childish attributes, which I don’t’ want to let go. May be I am crazy for not growing up, or may be not believing that I am, but the innocence, smartness, carefree nature of a child are highly attractive and joyous to my soul. But don’t get confused that I will be kidding,I won’t be taking blues or cartoons, it’s an appreciable tool to lighten the mood, to say “Hey, if you are serious then I am too, I shall always be active (quite a satire, something I wish to accomplish), evergreen, never misunderstand a child for maturity”.

P.S…. Don’t misunderstand that Black&White photography, is just black and white, they use highly complicated techniques, softwares, color filters to add drama to their black&white imagery, to adjust the gray-scale distribution to add or subtract contrast. It is indeed an art, depicting world, but we have colors for it, I am gonna stick to them for a change.

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Reforming INDIA

A while back I came across an article in “The Times of India”. It was pretty incredible and yet very sad. It did somehow make me think as to where our country stands, whether we are progressing, standing still or regressing. Whether the platform for better technological advancement, guided future development is ready or not, whether the society is able enough to find peace with the growing global recognition and surge, and whether blaming the government is all we got.

The article was about a resident of Switzerland who liked India as a nation for the spicy food, spicy ladies, incredible beauty, culture, history, monuments, and historical marvels like the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal and many more things. He even praised Bollywood movies and stated ‘Fanna & Veer Zara’, as fantastic movies. Well, may be now you Continue reading

Thought on Freedom, Independence Day

I watch a lot of serials. You know that, right?
So, not been writing nothing, just completed “The Wire”. It feels bad though, not writing, but Wire was awesome too, no doubt.


India, or should I say Indians recently celebrated “Independence Day”. It was the 65th time they elevated the essence of the word ‘freedom’.


It is kind of flawed perception though, as to how we perceive ourselves, it’s hard to say, “I’m free”. Nowadays, it’s like all are bound to some social and subtle innuendo of theirs, standing up to the tune of national anthem like they can relate, while all they can think about is something else, important cooking in their head. For the very same reason, I often feel if there’s a point to this repeated day and it’s celebration, and I conclude that there is, yes indeed. Forgive me, if I am not able to come up with a better explanation in the following lines, since guilty I am too.

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