TiME is mYsteRiouS . . . believe me



Does it happen to you? Sitting in a classroom, listening to a professor, jotting down notes and down goes my head, for a second or two, and then it happens again, and again until the end of class.

Seriously, did you get that?
Oh come on! That was me napping in the middle of a lecture.

Even though the time frame of my sleep was so small practically, I felt rejuvenated after that seconds long nap, that time definitely elongated for me (as I think about it now, may be ‘Inception‘ was true, may be a 1 min reality could be 1 hour dream).  On the contrary, some lectures end very quickly, without me anxiously looking at the clock. Although, I do find it vague and utterly discouraging, that when I look at the clock more often, the time seems to pass quite slow, contrary to when I don’t look, but then again if I think about the clock even though not looking, it will punish me for even thinking and move slow nevertheless. I call it the ‘Mystery of  Time’.

People say its all to do with my interest in the subject under study. So, why does my mind do that, why does it not work in the same fourth dimension as time, or, does it manifest some other dimension in itself. Oh, lets hold that thought for sometime and think about it. Nah, I’m just kidding, I would not pull that trick on you, you were kind enough to read it till this point, I won’t dare scare you off like that.



I don’t remember when I derailed,
from the melancholy of life,
it seemed so, the life at that point.
Inciting the fun and frolic,
for joy repleted in the “moment”,
not thinking about future period,
“not a chess genius”, crying silly excuses.
In the smaller segments,
operated like a spectator,
never involved in the game (playing),
sitting on the sidelines, praying.
The inevitable fall raised the guilt,
and its constant being adaptable,
tripping down the ladder,
trying to climb back, but the failure
disheartened, rendered actions slow,
on the fast lane, with a bicycle,
still polluting my soul.
Bankrupt of my riches,
possible omission of success, on the mind,
foreclosed the chases,
but I realize,
the emptiness, fear, laziness, sloth,
as I write to you today,
trying to change tracks, mend ways,
still on bicycle,
moving slow may be, but forward,
not expecting change immediate, today, but days after, possibly tomorrow.