Train of Thoughts – Youth and Madness

Summer is here, and soon I would have the pleasure to go home, in the sweet, AC rich summer break, back to my hometown Bhopal, an escape from my hostel and more importantly, the scorching heat here in Gwalior. The destination, that is home, is a reward if train journey to you ain’t game. The fact that I have always hated train journeys has forced me to become a night rider, the wanderer claiming berths in night trains, for the restlessness at day is like playing with patience. At least at night, I would be sleeping for better part of the journey.

Now that I have mentioned trains and summer, I am compelled to tell you about the train journey I took last summer at break. It was one of those unusual times that get you thinking, to make sense of all the non-sense that never bothered you before, and the unusual was not that I was on a day journey.

That being said, I was not sleeping, part of the day’s delight, the day’s joy, am I taunting, may be!

So, sitting calmly and glaring the view by the window, thinking something, don’t ask what because I don’t remember. What I do remember is the entry of these “three plus one” youthful individuals, they were together, they were friends, close ones, they blabbered of it and so I know. You must be wondering, why “three plus one” and not four, it’s something I call “traveling with known people”. The three of the four knew each other for at least three years, they were pursuing Hotel Management and were the bright one’s, they told me and so I know. The fourth, they met the same morning, he had missed his train, they took him along, very generous I must say. It’s safe to consider that these guys affected me enough to write and think about. I am not good at judging people but a little is everyone’s cup of tea. There are certain problems I know of, at least I have heard such as generation gap, drinking problems, immaturity, impulsion, perspectives,  education, royalty etc.

Are you afraid to go bold when the need arises, what do you do to express your opinion, keep it to self or tell someone? I have decided to tell you, for may be it’s the easiest of ways. I was sleeping, yea, decided to take a nap but not for long, a sound voice and clattered conversation woke me up, it was unusual. Continue reading

It’s all about DISTANCE

It is not always about how harder one works because it’s just a tool in the poignant journey we endorse. Sometimes, the distance of the goal from our sight makes a commendable difference in either strengthening or weakening our collective efforts. Working your way into something, always reveals more about goal, the destination one is after, often we narrow down to specifications from broader outlook and strike better, sometimes it seems over whelming as we start to know it better, but as we move towards this destination, we collect strength from the journey, it begets experience which becomes our treasured tool to anticipate, and as the distance closes in, the enthusiasm takes over, the joy of conquered battles till date keep us up, to fierce into the final battle. The journey is not always upward, it swamps down and ridges up, but I say “It’s always about the DISTANCE“, the closer the better.


free road,
sublime to
traveler, far
from destination,
the start mere requisite,
umpteen roving steps pursued
to claim but still walking nigh. Counting

ON the
distance sought
till day,

to forebode remaining.  Learning  of,
less to cover, now, more reachable,
informed, revered, narrowing
to clear perspective,
fortifies the
to walk,

One Shot Wednesday
Sunday Scribbling
Thursday Poets Rally


As I go back slow and steadily,
for I may immerse in those distinctive memories,
for they are endearing, joyous, captivating, in my mind.
A lot appears to riposte as bits and pieces,
By and large, they are vivid expressions
precluding me from digging deep,
for I may lose the grasp, and get lost
repleted with nothing but sadness and unneeded ghost.

Keeping the mind at ease,
riveting myself to what seems to please,
I can see, the faces, the expressions of the known
the saga they perpetuate,
exhilarated, I relive the moment as it seems to pass.
Cannot change it, the already set path
for if I do, the moment looks to wither
afraid to lose, I play along, the replay like a safe song.

As I cruse along, the high and low
appreciating the old, rich, persistently, I flow
embracing it, as if real,
subservient to the thought, I move along.
and when it ends, I come rushing back,
a smile pops up my face, ecstatic
I attend to myself, and say it out loud
‘Great DAY, without Doubt’.