The stumbling LOKPAL crusade


It’s been 8 months since it first came up, a man on indefinite hunger strike, filling weight into the idea of a Jan Lokpal Bill, cradling what has now become an unprecedented expansion of opinions and beliefs, the Indian Anti-Corruption Movement. It was not that the thought was whimsical, for the agitations favoring this generic vision had been; but reaction and support at this hour were more comforting, prevailing like an adamant uprising, and so, the bubble of structured corruption stacked in present unstructured social knowhow, popped, for everyone to throw stones upon.


The present scenario is a catastrophe, not for what has been achieved but for what must be achieved. The Indian Government, and Activists are two sides, fighting to introduce their own version of Lokpal, whilst a citizen in commotion wonders if at all an ideal Lokpal is a possibility, and if it is, what Lokpal might that be, and to further add to the confusion, a bunch of political parties with opinions ranging from personal profiteering, opportunism to public goodwill, tip toe with their collateral, assuring maximum purchase with conversational gambits. Continue reading