Facebook LIKES, Traffic SPIKES

Yesterday, I was on a forum and a discussion was going on. The topic was “whether “Facebook likes” consideration for people’s choice award is a correct criterion or a hoax possibly via wrong means”. I found the discussion compelling and wanted to share my point of view on resourcefulness of likes, credibility of methods and possibility of recognition by a reader or editor.

  • I am on Facebook and after one month of blogging on Word Press it is very clear, how the system works. Ever have you been to freshly pressed, you will find many likes and comments. There are many serious comments, but some are ‘very nice post’, ‘nice’ or just a smile, some of these people don’t read, some people who like don’t read. It’s not just that they are friends, because they are not, it is because they want a back-link. A back-link on a popular post is a good way of generating Continue reading