A Child


Little, immature spaces
in otherwise staid timeline
forgetting life a while
cocooned with felicity
I play a child.

Denounce, stark eyed
they concede improper and inane
grown-up going offhand
brush off, regardless
I play a child.

Elfin, naivete soul
spurting glimmer in adulthood
hidden fragments in us all
but only to few buddying benevolent
I play a child.

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Merry Christmas


Chirk up! Chirk up!
Roll in the rhythm,
let lips hymn,
tune in thy hands,
can’t hear clack,
louder I tell you!

Reasons don’t matter,
its sound that heals,
cooked in music,
reigning reechoing caroling.
Compelling are delicacies,
from abode, food and thought,
Celebrating his nativity,
christian or not!

Twined are thy heads,
to the jingle bells,
kids relented chipper,
to this nightly glare.
Come in now Santa,
for the mood is set,
behold thy thrill,
for Christmas attends!

The worlds moved on

Not long ago,
the world was thousand places,

Nomadic some,
took strides to where land was,

Stayed those,
prolifically concerting up-keeps,

So were worlds,
scads of outlined discrete crowds,

Gradually indeed,
drifters rose crowds outnumbered,

Wanderers no more,
they inter-mediated propositions,

Places bellowed,
staged sell-able product-ware,

And though,
implicit, the worlds moved on,


When I was a child,
I wanted to be so much more,
the thought was so dilute,
that everything seemed possible.

Then came the summer of youth,
a time to acquire umpteen information,
and recast it to the world as knowledge,
so i may find my place in the vividness.

It will be an understatement to say
that I know nothing
but unveiling the usefulness of what learned
might pave the way for times ahead.