Thought on Freedom, Independence Day

I watch a lot of serials. You know that, right?
So, not been writing nothing, just completed “The Wire”. It feels bad though, not writing, but Wire was awesome too, no doubt.


India, or should I say Indians recently celebrated “Independence Day”. It was the 65th time they elevated the essence of the word ‘freedom’.


It is kind of flawed perception though, as to how we perceive ourselves, it’s hard to say, “I’m free”. Nowadays, it’s like all are bound to some social and subtle innuendo of theirs, standing up to the tune of national anthem like they can relate, while all they can think about is something else, important cooking in their head. For the very same reason, I often feel if there’s a point to this repeated day and it’s celebration, and I conclude that there is, yes indeed. Forgive me, if I am not able to come up with a better explanation in the following lines, since guilty I am too.

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