Train of Thoughts – Youth and Madness

Summer is here, and soon I would have the pleasure to go home, in the sweet, AC rich summer break, back to my hometown Bhopal, an escape from my hostel and more importantly, the scorching heat here in Gwalior. The destination, that is home, is a reward if train journey to you ain’t game. The fact that I have always hated train journeys has forced me to become a night rider, the wanderer claiming berths in night trains, for the restlessness at day is like playing with patience. At least at night, I would be sleeping for better part of the journey.

Now that I have mentioned trains and summer, I am compelled to tell you about the train journey I took last summer at break. It was one of those unusual times that get you thinking, to make sense of all the non-sense that never bothered you before, and the unusual was not that I was on a day journey.

That being said, I was not sleeping, part of the day’s delight, the day’s joy, am I taunting, may be!

So, sitting calmly and glaring the view by the window, thinking something, don’t ask what because I don’t remember. What I do remember is the entry of these “three plus one” youthful individuals, they were together, they were friends, close ones, they blabbered of it and so I know. You must be wondering, why “three plus one” and not four, it’s something I call “traveling with known people”. The three of the four knew each other for at least three years, they were pursuing Hotel Management and were the bright one’s, they told me and so I know. The fourth, they met the same morning, he had missed his train, they took him along, very generous I must say. It’s safe to consider that these guys affected me enough to write and think about. I am not good at judging people but a little is everyone’s cup of tea. There are certain problems I know of, at least I have heard such as generation gap, drinking problems, immaturity, impulsion, perspectives,  education, royalty etc.

Are you afraid to go bold when the need arises, what do you do to express your opinion, keep it to self or tell someone? I have decided to tell you, for may be it’s the easiest of ways. I was sleeping, yea, decided to take a nap but not for long, a sound voice and clattered conversation woke me up, it was unusual. Continue reading

A simple LIFE is about thinking TWICE

Have you ever wondered, how our life closely resembles to our surrounding, how our choices are reflection of a pursuit called the ‘Rat Race‘ which shadows our very own interests and takes over our life.It’s fascinating how we purchase stuff we don’t really need, which does not really interest us, it’s just bought and kept there because it resides with every one, a symbol of “I have it too“.

A simple LIFE is not going into a forest and living like a sage, it’s about not being manipulated by ongoing revelations, it’s about owning, possessing an entity that you require, that inspires, not the one that sits there just collecting dust. I know everyone finds their way into such stuff without reasoning. I say, you “think twice” i.e., challenge your self on accounts of requirement, benefits etc., and if one of the reasons of you wanting that thing is “he/she has it too“, then “think TWICE“.


I live
lies in comforting shoes, assuring
intrigued by surrounding.

I buy
many attractions, not required though
deceived by reasoning.

I think
regardless of necessities
driven by neighbors.

I doubt
choices, to substantiate status
enticed by complex flings.

I need
to break free from closures, siege truth
judged by just interests.

I shall
argue myself, to resolve life
held by prudent contempt.

James Rosenquist’s art always seemed complicated, various aspects clustered as one, this one to me shows human complications, driven endless


Life was sad,
he was lonely, unaccompanied,
he was complaining,
and then,
Knock! Knock!
“Good Times here”
– brings about everyone around
company, happiness and cheers
but, he complains again, asking
– where were you all when life was sad?

Look stupid, I said
what would life be
if good times and happiness rolled on,
and we did not play along
kind of sad, I guess.