Are Pictures better than Words


The day was December 8, and the year 1921, it started and now is the modern trend. The ad campaign that published the article “One Look is worth thousand words” has been acknowledged to have begun the saga of pictures, attenuating the premise of words, and  implying that pictures can better illustrate with a more obvious opinion, a situation that words might require a book to comprehend. Looking into it closely, one might get confused and find it difficult to ascertain, whether pictures alone can project the truth. Can they cripple the nub of words, or, are they simply an associate of words, bound to influence each other and work out the course, or are pictures obsolete for words are not biased, their interpretation not limited  to an individual, truly versed in pool of rendering, not bound to literal periphery.

The fact that WordPress itself, acknowledges the posts published with images, and highlights the necessity of pictures, provides enough evidence as to how deep the pictures are embedded in our system. There is no denying that pictures provide the gist of the post to certain extent, they highlight the obvious predicament that one supposedly postulates, they many-a-times form the complete post, but are they always essential. Does one use it to lure the visitors into their content, are the words not strong enough that they require pictures, does one want to enlarge the post, does the picture complement the words, is it more likely that a visitor looks at pictures and does not read the entire post, for too many words after certain time appear like blah, blah, blah! Continue reading

Life Chemistry

I saw what I wanted to see,
I learned what I wanted to learn,
I listened what I wanted to listen,
I lived as I wanted to live,

but then things changed a bit,

I smiled even though I did not want to,
I cried even though I did not want to,
I found people in my life even though I was not looking,
I was helped even though I I did not ask,
I was betrayed even though I did not expect,

but I guess that’s life,
and is wonderful in every single way,
the sorrow make the happiness seem bigger,
the happiness makes the sorrow a real burden,
but most importantly, I see it now as I look myself in the mirror,
life is uncertain with its ups and downs, and
to live is all one must ever do,
for its worth fighting for.

Sailing to Future

Do not know the future,
have befriended the past,
the present seems a daunting task,
but, I shall cruise through, ahead of dark, since
sunshine is calling, from far, very far.

Need to work hard,
flex up some muscles,
pick up my sword, flare the rage as I move on,
direct my strength, alert, always open-eyed, since
sunshine is calling, from far, very far.

The last evident land has somehow ceased,
to sail in the sea is all I need,
proactive, controlling amidst the highs and lows,
fighting out the waves rendering me to solace of shores, since
sunshine is calling, from far, very far.

The terminus is a distant land,
and the wide sea to me presses hard,
but to surrender not my latest vogue,
may be I am nobody, but hope revives in me at last, since
sunshine is calling, from far, very far.